Level 0: Getting Started on YouTube

These resources are for creators who are getting started on YouTube. Patreon will give you access to monthly Google+ Hangouts with Tim as well as other on-going perks. And the FREE ebook will help you start thinking through a growth strategy for your channel.

Level 1: Foundations for YouTube Growth

These are YouTube trainings and resources for creators who want to lay the foundation of a great YouTube channel. Since the courses in higher levels build upon the principles taught in level 1, it’s recommended that you start with these resources before taking courses at the Next Steps level.

Level 2: Next Steps for Audience Growth

Once you’re seeing results from the foundations you firmly laid in place for your YouTube channel, it’s time to start building upon it. These YouTube trainings and resources will help you take your audience development on YouTube to the next level.

Level 3: Advanced YouTube Training

Once you’ve laid the foundations for your channel’s growth and have taken the next steps to accelerate that growth, now it’s time to put these advanced tactics and strategies in place to move your channel to a full-time income and a passionate community that’s making a positive difference in the world.