Yes! What better way to get started on YouTube than with a step-by-step guide to setting up your channel and developing a strategy to make it successful?
Yes! Most of the creators I work with have been active on YouTube for a long time, some of them successfully, some of them not. Both groups tend to get stuck in the same approach to their channel they’ve been following for years. This book helps them break out of those ruts and take their growth to new levels.
Nope. Pretty much all PCs, Macs, and smart phones can open a PDF document. If you can view this book’s free preview, then your computer can handle the whole book. However, if you’d like to read this book on your e-reader device, an ePub version is also included for iOS users (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and an AZW3 version for Kindle users.
If you implement everything in this ebook step-by-step and, after a few months, your YouTube channel is still not growing, just contact me and I’ll gladly issue you a refund. However, if that actually happens, there must be something else going on. If you’d like to look at it together, feel free to schedule a time for us to connect and discuss it.