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We regularly release new in-depth trainings for creators in our Academy.

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Better Stories

14 Brand Deal Secrets

We all want brand deals and sponsorships but HOW?? How do we get these deals? How much do we charge? How do you pitch successfully? Tim & Justin will answer all these questions and more in this course.

Better Stories

Your Kickstart Guide to Making Money on YouTube

Whether you’re planning to make YouTube a full-time career or just looking for some extra cash to cover the costs of a new camera, this online video course features our most cutting edge YouTube monetization strategies.

Better Stories

Video Creation Start-Up Training

If there’s any area where we see creators spending way too much money, it’s on camera and studio equipment – hoping it’s going to increase their views and subscribers. This course will set the record straight and give you all the tools and processes you need in order to succeed on YouTube.

Better Stories

Find Your Voice

If being on camera feels a bit uncomfortable for you, this course will change that. You’ll learn the skills that make it possible for viewers to easily form a meaningful, human connection with you, so your audience more quickly grows into a passionate fanbase.

How To Make 150x More Money on YouTube with a Business Plan

How To Make 150x More Money on YouTube with a Business Plan

In this training Tim shows you how to develop a business plan around your YouTube channel. Once in place, this business plan will help you earn more than 150x what you’re making from YouTube advertising.

How To Make a Living on YouTube with Online Courses

In this training you’ll learn some of the ways YouTube creators monetize their channels with online courses, as well as a process for creating, pricing, and launching your first online course.

How Top Creators Accelerate their YouTube Growth

Many of the top YouTube creators have something in common in how they quickly grow their YouTube channels. In fact, when done well, this is THE fastest way to grow your channel, hands down.

Using YouTube to Explode Sales for Your Business

In this training you’ll learn a few different tactics for converting your YouTube viewers into sales using methods that allow your videos to continually gain momentum. Thankfully, it’s similar to models we follow with other marketing tools, but don’t typically apply to YouTube, until now.

How To Streamline your Creative Process

If you’re looking to streamline your creative process so you can create higher quality videos in less time, Laura Hutchinson specializes in creative processes. She shows you her step-by-step process for generating ideas, publishing videos on a schedule, and keeping the quality high.

How To Live Stream with Pro Quality (and tons of personality)!

Live streaming is a different beast than creating a YouTube video. Live streaming expert, Luria Petrucci, teaches you everything you need to know to get started with live streaming on your YouTube channel!

Growing an Irresistible Primal Brand

In this exclusive training, Patrick Hanlon, the author of, “Primal Branding,” walks us through the Primal Code and how we can use it to make it easy for first-time viewers to love us and subscribe to our channels for more.

Better Stories

Captivate Viewers with Engaging Stories

Matthew Dicks, the author of, “Storyworthy,” teaches us how we can use oral storytelling in our videos to better capture our viewers’ attention and hearts. It’s definitely a skill to learn, but it’s not as hard as you may think.

Better Stories

Sponsorships: Everything You Need For Profitable Brand Deals

This is the most in-depth training we’ve ever seen on how to make money with brand deals. We cover everything from reaching out to brands, knowing how much to charge, negotiations, legal contracts, how to execute the deal, follow-up reports, and more.

Taxes for YouTube Creators

Taxes, Business Classifications, Money, and Write-offs for Creators [feat. Ryan Ippolito]

Ryan Ippolito has been actively practicing accounting for over 15 years, working with some of the biggest YouTube creators on the platform. In this training, he helps us understand how we should setup our channels legally for tax and business purposes.

Viral Videos

How viral videos REALLY go big [feat. Travis Chambers]

Travis’ projects have garnered 170 million views, 2 million social shares, millions in sales and involved integrations with nearly a thousand social influencers. Learn how viral videos REALLY work so you can create your own.

Copyright & Fair Use

Trademarks, Copyright, and Fair Use [feat. Kenneth Kunkle]

What do you do with copyrighted images and music? Do you copyright your trademark? How does fair use play into all of this? Kenneth Kunkle explains all of this and more in a way that easy to understand.

Copyright & Fair Use

How to Boost YouTube and Email Growth with Paid Advertising [feat. Derral Eves]

Darrel Eves has worked with everyone from Amazon to Espn to YouTube themselves. In this training, he explains how to leverage ad usage for maximum YouTube growth.

Copyright & Fair Use

How to Grow your Facebook Audience with Video [feat. Owen Video]

Facebook isn’t just for your crazy aunt Karen anymore! Owen Video teaches us some organic methods to use Facebook to accelerate your YouTube Growth.

Copyright & Fair Use

How Colin Grew Revenue by 6 Figures with Video in his Marketing Funnel [feat. Collin Jones]

The founder of “Blackjack Apprenticeship” takes us  behind-the-scenes of his sales funnel to show us where he added video, how he used video, and the results that came when he did.

Copyright & Fair Use

How To Start Converting YouTube Viewers into Sales [feat. Wade Alters]

Wade is the creator of “Sales Seduction” – A unique sales methodology that helps influencers, coaches, and consultants build highly profitable personal brands without the internet marketing hype or complex marketing strategies.

Copyright & Fair Use

How to Creatively Edit a Story for Better Retention [feat. Jeff Bartsch]

Hollywood TV editor, Jeff Bartsch, will join us to reveal how he takes mountains of raw footage and turns it into TV shows that hold people’s attention for hours.

Better Stories

Craft Enticing Titles and Thumbnails that Actually Get Clicked (coming soon)

It doesn’t matter how amazing your video is if no one is enticed to click it in the first place. This training will give you all the principles and examples you need to follow in order to attract that first-time viewer to engage with your content. (This course is currently being developed and will release soon.)

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