Monetization Kickstart Guide

Keep Building Your YouTube Momentum
With Ongoing Access To Our Team!

Congratulations on completing Video Labs! You’re now a part of an elite community of graduates who are equipped with a process that gets more views, more subscribers, and generates more income on YouTube.

What’s next?

Good question.

Video Labs VIP is for creators who want to keep going. You understand the process, how it works, and are equipped to implement it on your channel, but…

You want to continue with personalized guidance, feedback, and a community of people who understand you, your channel, your audience, your goals, and your struggles. You want to execute the Video Labs process with the input of others who understand it, including your Video Labs facilitator and YouTube expert.

If that’s you, Video Labs VIP is exactly what you’re looking for.

Video Labs VIP includes…

  • Weekly Office Hours: Every week one of our YouTube Strategists will be available in a Zoom video meeting where you can ask questions, get feedback, and be inspired by hearing what other creators are doing on their channels. (A one-hour consultation with Lennon or D’Laina costs $197, but with Office Hours you get 4 hours of meetings with us every month! That’s 4 hours of meeting with us every month for an eighth of the normal price.)

  • Access to the “Video Labs VIP” private group: Your private Video Labs group will shut down, but you can continue interacting with a private group of other Video Labs graduates where you’re free to ask for feedback, post questions, and engage with people who are working on the same YouTube growth process as you.

  • Priority Access to our Team: While we don’t yet guarantee a certain response time due to our varying schedules, our YouTube Strategists do our best to give you priority access to us in our private online group inside the Growth Network.

  • Quarterly Channel Reviews: Every three months there’s an opportunity to have your channel reviewed again by peers inside the Video Labs VIP group, giving you an updated roadmap of where you need to focus your attention next for growth on YouTube.

Growth Network + Video Labs VIP

Add-on Video Labs VIP to your Growth Network account!

Growth Network

  • • Weekly growth challenges
    • Big Win Wednesdays
    • Feedback Fridays
    • Monthly LIVE Q&A calls
    • Bonus Trainings

VIP Monthly

  • • Weekly office hours
    • VIP private group
    • Priority access to our team
    • Quarterly channel reviews

Access to the Video Labs VIP group requires an active subscription to the Growth Network. Video Labs VIP is an add-on that is separate from the Growth Network subscription.

The Growth Network currently costs $29/month and Video Labs VIP costs $68/month, bringing the total to $97/month.

  1. Growth Network Access = $29/month
  2. Video Labs V.I.P. Access = $68/month

TOTAL: $97/month

Choose a button below to upgrade your account to VIP status at $97/month. (Includes continued access to The Growth Network.)

Cancel Anytime

90 Day Guarantee

While there are no refunds for un-used time to your subscription, you are certainly free to cancel at any time.

Simply head to “My Account Billing” and click Cancel to end your subscription.