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Tim Schmoyer – Founder, CEO Luke Weeks – YouTube Strategist, COO Katlyn Browning – Executive Assistant Ingrid Blackburn – YouTube Strategist Sam Wittek – YouTube Strategist Dana Schmoyer – CFO Grace Macatangay – Administrative Assistant Molly Jackson – Action Plan Administrator is the premiere YouTube Growth Agency for YouTube Creators and entrepreneurs, founded by Tim Schmoyer in 2013.

It’s a place where you’ll learn cutting edge YouTube growth strategies and the fastest path to building a highly engaged community of subscribers and customers.

Our success stories include brand new creators to Fortune 500 companies alike, helping them grow from 0 to 100,000 to 1 million subscribers and beyond.

To date we’ve helped our clients organically grow by over 17 billion views on YouTube and hundreds of millions of dollars in their bank accounts. This stuff works!

The best way to grow on your channel isn’t by only publishing great videos, but by also having a strategy that is intentionally crafted to guide viewers through a journey with you and your brand, leading to more engaged subscribers and ultimately more sales and income, as well.

If you have a message you’re spreading with your YouTube videos and you’re building a business around it, you’re in the right place.

Who is Tim Schmoyer?

Tim on stage

In 2006 Tim was dating a girl in graduate school and wanted to introduce her to his family across the country. He had just heard of a website called YouTube and figured videos would be a perfect way to do it. Today we would call them vlogs, but back then it was just being awkward in public with a camera as he went out to dinner, to the park, and hung out playing video games with his girlfriend.

But then other people started watching, which freaked him out a bit, so he started digging into YouTube to figure out how these people were finding his videos, why they were watching, and what kept them coming back for more.

At the time he was a youth pastor because he loved seeing people’s lives changed. Few things energized him as much as seeing relationships thrive between teenagers and their parents, marriages healed, people leaving destructive habits behind them, and people’s faith deepening.

Later that year, Tim married his girlfriend and they quickly grew their channel to over 1 million people a month. He was seeing more stories of life change coming from what he and his wife were doing online than he had ever experienced in his full time job. He regularly heard stories of people who didn’t commit suicide because of videos he had made. Teens were changing their standard for the kinds of people they were dating and would one day marry. Others who were already married were heading towards divorce, but saved their marriages because of videos Tim and his wife had made. He loved it!

Tim thought, “I’m reaching my million people a month with a message that’s changing lives, but what kind of impact could I have on the world I could help others reach their 1 million people a month with their message to change lives?”

So, in 2011 he became the first creator to start training YouTube creators how to reproduce his results.

Today his company, Video Creators, has been featured by FOX, Forbes, BBC, and even by YouTube themselves. He’s done YouTube strategy for brands like Disney, HBO, Budweiser, eBay, Warner Brothers, Dave Ramsey, television stars, and new creators alike. His team at Video Creators has helped their clients organically earn over 14 billion views and 61 million subscribers!

But that’s only the beginning.

There’s a lot of people in the world who need to be reached with the messages you’re spreading, and Video Creators want to help you do it. Let’s change lives together!

Tim and Dana now live in Cincinnati, Ohio, with their seven children.

Our Core Values

We take great pride and satisfaction in what we do. Few things are greater than doing what you love in a way that changes people’s lives.

We do that by focusing on these six core values.

  1. Results Focused: We focus on outcomes and data. It’s important to us that clients actually get the results they’re looking for, that we deliver on the results we’re responsible for, and that we track it all to ensure that we are actually producing results rather than just working hard and feeling good about it.
  2. People First: We’re actually not about video as much as we’re about people, reaching them, and changing their lives. We actually care about our clients’ projects and them as individuals because people come first for us.
  3. Mission Oriented: We care deeply about each creator’s mission draw it out for clients so that the ultimate result of our efforts together is more life change, both for our client and their audience.
  4. Own It: We are a team of people who “own it.” Each team member knows what they’re responsible for and brings creativity and dedication to the table every day.
  5. Do It Right: We are a team of people who “do it right.” We trust and follow our processes and procedures, work hard, and strive to do what’s right, even when that means we have to improvise to do so.
  6. Change is Good: We build our team, our processes, and our trainings to expect change and we embrace it in ourselves, our team, and on the Internet itself.

Our Story, told by Bloomberg

Bloomberg sent a reporter out to Tim’s house for a few days to get a behind-the-scenes look at how his company helps YouTube creators grow their channels, get more views, build their subscriber base, create fans, and grow their businesses, especially as the platform continues to change at such a rapid pace.

This 20 minute episode on the Bloomberg Technology podcast tells that story.

Click here to listen to Bloomberg’s perspective on what Video Creators does for creators and how they do it.

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