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Hi, I’m Tim Schmoyer.

And I’ve spent the last 15 years committed to helping business-minded YouTube creators like yourself build highly engaged and successful YouTube channels.

Along the way my team and I have been fortunate enough to help thousands of people. From aspiring YouTubers just getting started, to working with some of the biggest brands in the world including: Warner Brothers, eBay, Budweiser, HBO, and Disney.

And I’m proud to say myself and the Video Creators Team have helped our clients organically grow by over 18 billion views and 81 million subscribers on YouTube!

And now we want to help you.

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Tara Simon

“I was in a place where I knew I was burnt out and needed support and a fresh perspective on what I was doing, why I was doing it, and who I was serving. Using the tools and support they gave me, I am SO proud to say that I hit my goal of 1 million this past July! I learned so much that sometimes I felt like my brains were on fire! But the thing that was the most irreplaceable in my experience was the amazing one-on-one time and attention I received. I am forever grateful for everything Video Creators has done for me and the Tara Simon Studios channel. If you are in a place where you are wanting to grow, get clarity over your analytics and how to leverage that, and be supported like never before…join Video Creators. It’s one of the best things I ever did for my channel.”

Tara Simon : 1,100,000+ Subscribers

“Tim’s consulting services are priceless!  He always goes above and beyond every time we use him.  He has helped us make some big decisions, coaching us on things to do and not to do that have helped our YouTube channel and business grow. I would recommend him to anyone trying to grow an audience on YouTube or keep an existing audience happy. Thanks for all your help Tim!”

The Axel Show: 26 million+ monthly viewers

The #1 Thing You Need for Massive Growth on YouTube

As you probably know, making awesome videos isn’t the only thing you need to grow your channel on YouTube.

From our experience, the biggest thing you need is a strategic game plan to get your content to the right audience and make them feel compelled to subscribe.

And even after they subscribe, you need to know how to turn subscribers into loyal customers who interact, engage, and promote your videos on their own.

 That’s how you make your message go big on YouTube and grow your channel as fast as possible.

And after consulting with more than a thousand clients 1-on-1, we’ve developed a process for building that strategic game plan in only one hour.

Our YouTube strategies just flat-out work

When your livelihood depends on your YouTube channel, the advice you receive can’t just be someone’s good ideas. It must be data-driven and tested across thousands of channels.

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We’ve been featured by some amazing folks

Get a Custom-tailored Plan for YouTube Success No Matter What Your Channel Needs

Here’s how it works.

Mike ConleyMike Conley, YouTube Creator: I decided to try and improve my YouTube Channel to increase revenue and exposure in a crowded marketplace. I had no idea how to do that and floundered until I found Tim Schmoyer. By employing his techniques I quickly saw my channel explode to heights I never thought possible.

Since numbers don’t lie, here are some actual stats from my YouTube Channel from before and after the “Schmoyer Factor.”

YouTube Subscriber Growth

Smart Kids ClubSmart Kids Club: Before my channel review with Tim, I wasn’t sure if I was doing everything right. He really pointed me in the right direction with my channel.

For example, the video statistics below are from a video that sat on YouTube for 9 months. It didn’t do too well, but after following Tim’s tips and advice you can see that the video started doing a lot better. Within a few weeks it jumped from almost nothing to over 100,000 views.

YouTube View Growth

Here’s How We’ve Helped YouTube Creators Just Like You Grow Their Channels Faster

Whether big or small, we can help you take your channel to the next level.  Here’s some of the ways we’ve helped past clients:

  • Show you how to craft your videos to convert more viewers into subscribers.
  • Help you build a dedicated online community of engaged fans who become loyal customers.
  • How to make your channel as sticky as possible for a brand new audience.
  • How to re-ignite your video series if it isn’t growing your channel nor growing your business.
  • Video SEO tactics to improve video discoverability and get your videos ranking higher for new viewers.
  • How to get your audience to engage in exactly the right way that triggers YouTube to promote your videos to more people

If you’re growing a YouTube channel to grow your business, we can help you get more views, more subscribers, and more customers.

Our YouTube Strategy Gets Real World Results

Instead of wasting precious time and energy on a channel that’s stuck or getting little traction, we can help you create a practical game plan that focuses on creating fast growth.

Here’s an example of how we’ve helped 2 channels do exactly that.  Growing from ZERO to 30 million views per month in less than 6 months!

From 0 to 28 Million Views a MONTH in Less than 6 Months!

From 0 to 100,000 Subscribers in 6 MONTHS!

Already Have a Lot of Subscribers, but Still Want More?

We also work with some of the biggest brands in the world, and have a proven track record for helping clients with hundreds of thousands of views and subscribers take their channel to millions of views and subscribers.

Here’s a few examples:

How We Quickly Doubled our Growth with Video Creators
Doubled Their Subscriber Growth in One Hour!
30,000+ Subscribers a Day with Tim Schmoyer
From 300 Subscribers a Day to 35,000+ SUBSCRIBERS A DAY
How We Grew 15x on YouTube in Only 4 months!
From 20,000 Subscribers to 240,000!
How We Quickly Doubled our Growth with Video Creators
Doubled Their Subscriber Growth in One Hour!
30,000+ Subscribers a Day with Tim Schmoyer
From 300 Subscribers a Day to 35,000+ SUBSCRIBERS A DAY
How We Grew 15x on YouTube in Only 4 months!
From 20,000 Subscribers to 240,000!

Our "Double Your Growth" Guarantee

If, at the end of your consultation, you don’t feel like you have the strategy you need to double your channel growth in the next 12 months, we’ll give you your money back and provide whatever additional information you might need to get there. Just let your strategist know at the end of your session.

Book a Consultation with Tim’s Team

Grow Your Channel with a YouTube Strategist

  • WHO: Designed for creators and businesses who are ready for next-level growth.
  • WHAT: Review your channel with a YouTube Strategist who understands YouTube growth inside and out.
  • RESULT: Form an advanced plan for getting more views, subscribers, and using YouTube to grow your business.
  • SESSION: Our YouTube Coaching program has been acquired by vidIQ.
  • But we can still help!
  • Click the button below to work one-on-one directly with one of our experienced coaches, to help you successfully grow your channel!
CleanMySpace: 1,000,000+ Subscribers

My wife and I have been full-time YouTube creators for several years, but we knew we had more potential to grow. We just weren’t sure where to focus our efforts, so I met with Tim to review our channel.

By the end of our consultation I had four pages of written notes and a list of action steps that were designed to help us achieve our goals. He revealed a lot of insights that will have a big impact on how we grow our channel and its business. There’s a lot of exciting opportunities coming up for us and we feel better equipped to leverage them now.

We highly recommend Tim to any creator who’s serious about growing their YouTube audience and income. -Chad Reynolds, Producer

Papa Jake: 7MM+ Subscribers, 70MM+ views/month

I decided to contact Tim in order to get a better understanding as to how I could maximize my channel. We have a dip over over 10 million views and I knew I needed someone to help me understand what needed to be done.

It was really easy to set up a meeting and we brought loads of questions. The session was awesome and super informative as well as laid back and easy to understand.

The impact it had on our channel was huge. We had almost a page of changes to make. Some small and some large.

We’re already seeing a huge positive impact with even the smallest changes you would never think of. -Papa Jake

Will It Slime: 2MM+ Subscribers

I contacted Tim after the first channel I created was struggling to get noticed. Despite doing everything I thought was right and spending an enormous amount of time on the videos they just weren’t doing well.

Tim showed me everything I was doing wrong and offered invaluable insights and strategies for me to use moving forward. He went over everything from thumbnails to choosing trending themes. I decided it would be best to create a new channel using Tim’s advice.

In less than three months I had over 60,000 subscribers. I couldn’t believe it! In just over one year from the creation of, “Will It Slime?” I have over 800,000 subscribers and 183 million views! My consultation with Tim was the best investment I’ve ever made. -Adam Vandergrift

Binge Watchers

The arrow is when I had a session with Tim Schmoyer in the beginning of the year. The man knows his stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your refund and cancellation policy?2021-12-14T16:01:13-05:00

Rescheduling: When you schedule your appointment you’ll receive a confirmation email that contains the details of your session with our team. Inside that confirmation email there’s a link where you can reschedule your session at anytime up to 24 hours before your scheduled session time. After that, your session is locked in and cannot be changed nor refunded.

Refunds: We will issue a full refund up to 24 hours before your session. There are no refunds after the service has been rendered. Cancellations can be made by sending an email to support@videocreators.com.

Late Shows: If you’re late to your meeting, our strategists will wait for 15 minutes after the start of your scheduled meeting for you to arrive. After that, they are free to leave the meeting. There are no refunds for arriving late nor will the strategist be able to extend your meeting longer than the scheduled time due to other meetings that may be scheduled after yours.

Our Guarantee: If, at the end of your consultation, you don’t feel like you have the strategy you need to double your channel growth in the next 12 months, we’ll give you your money back and provide whatever additional information you might need to get there. Just let your strategist know at the end of your session.

I want advice, but I can’t afford the consulting fee. What other options are there?2019-07-19T05:52:47-04:00

Tim has written a day step-by-step guide that will walk you through everything you need to do on your channel to optimize it for growth. Many creators find it beneficial to work through that resource on their own and then schedule a consultation with Tim when they complete it. Tim will evaluate your work as well as help you customize the principles specifically to your channel and goals.

The resource is called, “30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel.” Every day in the guide provides:

  • A Teaching: Something you need to know
  • A Task: Something you need to do on your channel that day
  • Further Resources: Links for digging further into the topic

If a private, one-on-one consultation with Tim is outside your budget, then that’s the next best resource we recommend. It’s helped both new creators as well as established ones grow their channels significantly. Plus, the first 3 days of the resource are free, so start there and see what you think.

I don’t have a channel, but want to get started on YouTube. Can you help?2020-01-29T19:35:37-05:00

Yes! In fact, under the, “Channels we helped launch,” heading further up this page there’s a few screenshots from channels we worked with before they even created their channels. Around 6 months later, each channel was earning 30 organic million views per month! Obviously, every channel performs differently due to many different variables, so there’s no guarantee that your channel will do the same, but discussing your YouTube growth strategy with us before launching your channel is a great idea. Avoid investing a lot of time and resources into a strategy that may not best reach your goals and book a consultation. Let’s talk!

I’m not sure which consultation is best for me. How do I choose?2021-11-18T16:52:09-05:00

Each member of our team is qualified to provide expert advice in any of the above-mentioned areas. They’re all very experienced on YouTube.

Collectively the team has…

  • Earned over 18 billion views on YouTube for clients
  • Generated over 81 million subscribers for new channels
  • Consulted with several Fortune 100 companies
  • Developed content strategies for over 4,000 YouTube channels

Your channel is in very good hands.

However, some team members have more experience in some areas on YouTube than other members, so pick the consultation that meets your most pressing goal and feel free to address other questions during your session together.

Grow your Channel with Tim’s Team is for:

  • Creators who want to grow subscribers and views.
  • Identify ways to form a deeper connection with your viewers.
  • Discover opportunities for video optimization on your channel
  • Evaluate your content, including the format, story, edit, call-to-actions, and more.
  • Establish a content strategy that works for you and your audience.

Grow your Reach and Revenue with Tim Schmoyer is for:

  • Creators whose businesses are growing on YouTube.
  • Video marketers who want to convert YouTube into a positive ROI.
  • Brands and creators who want to dig into fan psychology and implement elements into their videos that turn viewers into super fans.
  • Creators who are ready to start scaling their YouTube business by building a team around their channel that facilitates even further growth.
  • Marketers who want to convert a YouTube audience into website traffic, email lists, and sales.
  • Explore other video distribution platforms beyond YouTube that make sense for the creator’s goals.

Of course, you can always email us team@videocreators.com if you need help determining which consultation is right for you.

Will this consultation be effective for me?2021-12-20T16:38:23-05:00

After doing more than 4,000 consultations with YouTube creators and business owners, we can confidently say yes! If you want to grow your channel’s views, subscribers, and revenue, this one hour together will change the trajectory of your channel and your business. We can take credit for over 18 billion views on YouTube with our clients, so we have a lot of experience coaching our clients to effectively improve and grow with only a 1 hour session.

The reason we recommend a one hour consultation before any of our other in-depth services is because we’ve found that often people get everything they need in a 1 hour session to move forward with their channel. They come to us seeking on-going guidance, which we offer, but then find they don’t need it because they didn’t think they could get so much practical direction in only a 1 hour session.

So come with a pad and pencil (we’ll record the session for you, too, so you don’t miss anything) and be prepared to dive in!

How are you different from other YouTube consultants?2021-12-20T16:38:17-05:00

Here are a few points that are true about us:

  1. We’ve been studying and coaching YouTube growth since 2006. In fact, we started only a few months after YouTube started in 2005.
  2. Our CEO, Tim Schmoyer, has been trusted to do YouTube strategy for Disney, Warner Brothers, eBay, Budweiser, HBO, and other top brands.
  3. We are driven by results, not just providing ideas that sound good and make you feel good about your transaction, but don’t actually work on YouTube today.
  4. We can take responsibility for over 18 billion views and 81 million subscribers with our clients. Real world results matter to us.
  5. The principles we teach take work to implement, but they produce on-going, long term results, not just quick hacks that see only temporary, short-lived success.
  6. We have experience generating results for creators across every niche on YouTube, not just one or two successful channels here or there.
  7. We get a lot of our information straight from YouTube and then test it ourselves. We don’t go to outdated blog posts or present well-intentioned theories.
  8. We look at your videos prior to our session and make a list of custom notes for your specific channel. We don’t just go through a checklist of generic information with you.

Ultimately, for us, this isn’t just about helping people getting more views, more subscribers, and more money. We think all that is important, but what we’re really trying to do is equip you to reach more people and change more lives with the business you’re growing.

We want to change more lives with our business, too, starting with yours.

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