Level: Do It Yourself

30 Days To A Better YouTube Channel

30 Days To A Better YouTube Channel Is a Thirty-day Guide That Shows You How To:

  • Transform your channel into a highly discoverable, engaging community that brings in new views and subscribers on auto-pilot
  • Use “organic” optimization strategies that will push your content to the top of YouTube search results
  • Hook new viewers within the first 15 seconds to keep them watching longer and signaling to YouTube your videos are worth sharing with others
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Level: Done With You

Video Labs

Video Labs Is an Eight-week Group Coaching Program That Will Help You:

  • Create massive growth in your YouTube Channel with a highly engaged community of fans and
  • Upgrade your channel’s branding, Video SEO “Discoverability”, and engagement to rapidly increase views and subscriber growth
  • Analyze your channel for new opportunities for growth – PLUS: Direct access to Tim and The Video Creators Team with weekly QnA and Feedback sessions
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Level: Custom-Tailored 1-on-1

The Action Plan

The Action Plan Is a Three-month Customized 1-on-1 Consulting Program That Will Help You:

  • Partner with us for the next 3 months to execute a guided, personalized, action plan for your channel
  • Optimize your channel with monthly reports from our team with specific feedback for you to follow each month
  • Create a proven gameplan for success with exclusive, one-on-one, 24-7 access to a Certified YouTube Growth Expert
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