Save Years of Headaches and Trial and Error With A Dedicated YouTube Growth Strategist

The Action Plan is our most intimate program for YouTube creators who want to jump-start their channel as fast as possible.

Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned YouTube veteran, The Action Plan is specifically designed to cut YEARS off your learning curve, working directly with one of our YouTube Growth Strategists.

Once you join the program, our team will get to work digging into the dirty details behind what’s been holding your channel back and where there’s significant opportunities for growth.

We’ll watch every video, dig into your analytics, crunch the numbers and then turn that data into a Custom Strategy Playbook for you to follow.

Here’s what you can expect inside your Custom Strategy Playbook:

  • Thumbnail tweaks, title upgrades, and branding suggestions to increase discoverability and push you to the top of YouTube search results
  • Strategic video recommendations to enhance the viewing experience and significantly boost subscriber growth
  • A Custom-tailored “show formula” for you to follow for future episodes and videos that better connects with your audience and brand
  • And thorough break-downs of your analytics and retention graphs to discover hidden opportunities for even more growth in your channel

But your Custom Strategy Playbook is only one piece of The Action Plan puzzle.

To make your time inside The Action Plan as custom-tailored as possible, you’ll also have direct access, 24-7, to your YouTube Growth Strategist, including weekly “Office Hours” and monthly 1-on-1 calls to guide you through the entire process.

Here’s How We’ll Grow Your Channel Together

Here’s everything you get when you join The Action Plan training:

  • Three Monthly One-on-One Hour Long Calls With your Dedicated YouTube Growth Strategist – Giving you feedback and holding you accountable to achieve your YouTube goals
  • Three Monthly Feedback Reports – With step by step instructions to increase views, subscribers, and retention based on your analytics, and overall channel strategy
  • Direct Access, 24-7, to Your Growth Strategist – Email your Strategist at any time to get feedback or have your questions answered
  • Weekly Office Hour Calls (12 in Total) – Conducted via Zoom each week, hosted by one of our Strategists, including Tim every first week of the month
  • Your Custom Strategy Playbook – A written 100+ page strategy playbook with strategies to improve your videos, discoverability, and community, PLUS actionable checklists

Here’s What Other Creators Are Saying about the Action Plan

Dr. Antonio Borrello

“Enrolling in The Action Plan was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my YouTube channel.  When I enrolled I had less than 10k subscribers.  But after a careful channel evaluation by the team and a well thought out plan, together we were able to grow to over 200k subscribers within the year.  If you’re serious about growing your channel and want to work with the best in the business, enroll in The Action Plan today.”

Dr. Antonio Borrello
Psychologist and Relationship Coach

Davey Orgill

“I have loved consulting with Tim Schmoyer and his team on our vlog channel.  They pinpointed exactly the things I needed to be working on with my channel to help us achieve the goals we set.  I totally recommend anybody that is serious about their channel to do it.”

Davey Orgill
April and Davey YouTube Channel – 560,000 Subscribers

Here’s How to Apply

The Action Plan is by application only, please click the button below to see if you’re a good fit for the program.

Once we receive your application, expect an email back from our team within 1-2 business days to see if you qualify, followed by next steps to talk with someone from our team and finalize your payment details.

From there, we’ll jump on your first on-boarding session, get to work creating your Custom Strategy Playbook, and laying out an Action Plan for the next 3 months!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the first step is clicking the button below to apply.

We look forward to your application and working together soon!