How To Tell an Epic Story from a Boring One

One of the most important elements of growing your YouTube channel is your ability to tell stories, but good storytelling is easier said than done, especially if you feel like you have a boring story to tell. Jeff

Facebook’s New Monetization vs. YouTube [Ep. #129]

As YouTube continues to add monetization options for YouTube creators, Facebook has slowly working on some new tools that help Facebook creators do the same. Now they're becoming more accessible to more creators and the obvious

3 Ways to Make Money with Live Streaming

YouTube offers several options and tools for monetization, but live streaming can perform differently than regularly produced and uploaded videos in terms of how they make money. Barbara E Mac live streams on her channel every week and

Why PewDiePie is More Popular than You

Sometimes we can look at a channel on the outside and wonder, "Why is that channel growing so fast?" It's frustrating when we think our channels should be growing just as quickly as someone else's channel, like PewDiePie.

7 Steps to Promote a Video Series on YouTube

When you want to promote a series of videos on YouTube rather than just a single on-off video, it's a bit trickier because a viewer can watch any video they want in any order they want. But there's

How To Best Leverage Instagram TV [Ep. #127]

Last week Instagram announced IGTV! Instagram TV allows users to create a channel and upload videos up to 10 minutes in length. Videos can also be edited professionally and uploaded with a thumbnail, title, and description,

200+ YouTube Algorithm Changes! Just give up?

YouTube rolls outs around 200-300 changes to their algorithm every year. That's a lot of changes, most of which we'll never know about. It's impossible to keep up with all the new tweaks and tests the YouTube search

How To Download a YouTube Thumbnail

If you want to download an thumbnail from a YouTube video, there's two ways to do it. The first way works if you're downloading a thumbnail from your own video. However, if you want to download a thumbnail