A new year means new goals for your YouTube channel. Maybe your goals are subscriber based or maybe they are focused on producing a certain amount of content. But regardless of what they are, I have found that the biggest thing that can make or break your channel happens before you even hit record. Success on YouTube really all boils down to your mindset. So with the new year underway, take a second and reevaluate your approach to your channel. It might be the most important thing you do all year.

Be Teachable

There has been a ton of changes on the platform in 2023 and I anticipate even more in 2024. I know that as we get older it’s very easy to get stuck in what we know and not be open to learn new things or change with the times. But I would encourage you to be a life-long learner and embrace new changes and updates in 2024.

Another trap we can fall into is thinking that our videos are already the best that they can be and not be open to change. Everyone can benefit from stepping back from their own content and being a student of YouTube. Watch things inside and outside of your niche and be a learner of what makes a good video. Don’t be stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. YouTube is a skill. If it were easy, everyone would be successful!

So think about it. What are you doing now? What tweaks can you make to make it even better? What can you do differently to make it even more enjoyable to create content? (Don’t forget, YouTube is supposed to be fun…)

Be Curious

As you look at other channels and become a student of YouTube, come at it from a curious mindset, not a judgemental one. Now this can look a couple different ways. You can find yourself judging other people’s content, thinking, “Why do people like this? It’s so terrible!” Or, you can find yourself judging your own content, thinking, “I’ll never be able to do this. I’m just not cut out for this. No one would want to watch me.” Focus on the value that you are bringing to your audience and don’t let other channels distract you from the value you’re bringing.

Instead, when you are watching other channels, just be curious. Why did I click on this video? Why did I leave after three seconds? Why did I skip ahead? Why did I watch four videos in a row and then click subscribe? You’ll begin to identify patterns and concepts that you can apply to your own context – without losing your identity and trying to adopt someone else’s personality.

Be Patient

Keeping a long-term mindset is vital for success on YouTube. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Now, some channels do blow up very quickly and this can be discouraging for those of us who have been grinding for years and not seeing the success we want. But keep in mind that many of those channels spark quickly and fizzle just as quickly. To keep progressing everyone has to put in the work and all of it takes time. If you are looking to make a quick buck, YouTube is not for you. Like I said before, YouTube is a skill. And like any other skill in life, it takes practice, repetition, and time to see results.

Also be patient while you are experimenting. When you try new things on your channel (which I highly recommend doing regularly), you must try it multiple times! This is not a one and done situation. So many creators try something new one time and if it doesn’t immediately blow up their channel, they never do it again. That is not how experimenting works. Experiment with a new idea 7-10 times intermittently on your channel. Then after some time has passed, go back and analyze the data. That is the only way to really see if something is successful or not.

Be Collaborative

There are so many ways on YouTube that you can collaborate and everyone wins. Just because someone watches your videos, it doesn’t mean they can’t watch another creator in the same niche. There’s a good chance they will like both! Don’t view other creators as competition, but as co-workers and friends. I know that this doesn’t come naturally to many of us. Our competitive nature can sometimes get the best of us, but sharing an audience can be a massive boost to channel growth. Another person’s success is not your failure. There are enough viewers to go around.

Being a YouTube creator can also be lonely. Having a buddy who understands what you are going through can be a huge boost to your mental health. So don’t be afraid to reach out to other creators. Collaborating with other creators can help boost your creativity as well and open your eyes to new ideas.

It is so helpful to have another set of eyes on your channel. If you are looking to talk to other creators and/or get feedback on your channel check out vidIQ Max and 1:1 Coaching. Both of these will allow you to connect with other creators and see your channel from another’s perspective.

Be fearless

Don’t let fear take the driver’s seat. The fear of failure is one of the biggest things that hold people back from success. This may look like analysis paralysis or the fear of trying something new. It may look like the fear of the algorithm. What if a put in all this work and then it doesn’t perform well? It may be the fear of your audience. What will people think? What if people are mean in the comments? Fear of success can also paralyze people. It may not seem like it, but a video going viral can be terrifying. What do you do next? How can you get the same amount of views on the next one? The pressure can be paralyzing.

Fear can never be your motivation behind your decisions on YouTube. This will never lead to success. Instead, focus on your goals, the value you are bringing and the person you are trying to help. And lastly be bold in 2024. You’ve got this!

Keep Changing Lives!

Tim Schmoyer

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