Channel keywords are like general tags for your entire YouTube channel. Are they important? How do you determine what keywords to use for your channel? And how do channel keywords work anyway? Do they affect your channel’s video SEO, and if so, how much? We answer all those questions in this week’s YouTube Q&A!

  • What are Channel Keywords for?

This is a chance for you to clearly define your channel into a few key phrases/terms. They are keywords that you feel best represent your channel.

  • How do I Choose Which Keywords to Use?

Think of keywords your target audience would search for. Look at your channel, and think about what content you’re providing. Summarize those ideas into simple keywords!

  • How many Keywords should I use?

You don’t want to dilute your search ranking by overusing keywords. You want to list keywords that represent your channel and content well. A good parameter is about 10 keywords.

  • How do Keywords work?

We don’t know exactly, however, they’re used along with your about section, video description, and views to determine when and where your video is shown. So they’re definitely important.

  • How does the About Section of My Channel Help My Video SEO?

You can use your about section to help boost your video ranking by understanding it’s purpose. Take very careful consideration of how you describe yourself, your channel and your content. YouTube takes this section of your channel very seriously when determining if your content should be shown to viewers. Hone in on your channel’s purpose, value, and use your keywords in this section as well.

Comment below and let us know how you use channel keywords to help your video rank in search!

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