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Erik was stuck at 4 million views per month

Dr. Antonio Borrello

“Going into the Action Plan I wanted to change the direction of my channel. My previous direction was no longer working and I knew I wanted to start creating the “2.0 version” of what I was doing on YouTube, but I had no idea what that would look like or how I could get started.

Working with my YouTube Strategist in the Action Plan helped tremendously because I was getting an outside perspective on my content. As a creator, it’s easy to get wrapped up into seeing comments and “criticism” from your audience, but when you have an expert’s opinion on your channel, it completely changes the game.

My strategist helped me see the main thing that was holding me back on YouTube: storytelling. By learning how to tell better and more captivating stories with my content I was able to level up from 1.0 to 2.0.

Going through the Action Plan completely changed my videos. My strategist taught me to have a clear and developed story before diving into the video. By doing this, I’ve seen more success on my channel than ever before! I went from feeling stuck at 4 million views per month to averaging over 8 million views per month. My subscribers increased by 3x and the number of new videos that were hitting a million views more than doubled.

Thank you, Video Creators, for all your help and guidance over the last few months!”

Food Creator, 1.4 million subscribers

Your Custom 3 Phase Action Plan

The Action Plan is our most intimate, one-on-one program for YouTube creators who want to remove the guesswork and boost their channel growth as fast as possible.

Whether you’re just starting out, a seasoned YouTube veteran, or using YouTube to grow your business, The Action Plan is specifically designed to cut YEARS off of waiting to get RESULTS by working directly with one of our YouTube Growth Strategists.

Once you join the program, you’ll be assigned to one of the YouTube strategists on our team. They will quickly get right to work digging into your channel’s data and uncover the details of what is holding you back. They’ll find the opportunities for growth and put together a plan for moving forward.

We’ll watch your videos dig into your analytics, crunch the numbers, and then turn that data into a Custom 3-Phase Action Plan for you to follow.

Action Plan Process

Inside of each phase, you’ll get insights into things like…

  • Thumbnail tweak recommendations, title improvements, video topic recommendations for increased discoverability, and tactics for increasing traffic to your channel.
  • Thorough break-downs of your analytics and audience retention graphs to discover hidden opportunities for even more growth.
  • Strategic video structure recommendations based on your niche to enhance the viewing experience and boost subscriber growth.
  • And so much more!

But all of that is only one piece of The Action Plan puzzle.

To make your time inside The Action Plan as custom-tailored as possible, you’ll also have direct unlimited access to your YouTube Growth Strategist and monthly 1-on-1 calls to guide you through the entire process.

Pahla posted two new videos every week, but… nothing.

Dr. Antonio Borrello

“When I signed up for the Action Plan I was looking for someone who could help me understand and solidify a growth strategy on YouTube. The Video Creators team delivered that in spades!

“My strategist is so patient and keeps coming at my issues from every angle to help me digest the basics of thumbnail design and enticing title language.

“Since we’ve been working together, my approach to content has changed completely. I used to think about what I wanted to deliver rather than who was receiving it and why they would want to receive it. Putting the viewer first and thinking about what she wants/needs/likes has made all the difference!

“My channel growth has been incredible across all metrics, and – even better – my joy in the process has increased immeasurably. I’m SO happy I chose the Action Plan!”

Pahla Bowers
Fitness Creator, 225k subscribers

Pahla's YouTube Growth

Here’s How We’ll Grow Your Channel Together

Here’s everything you get when you join The Action Plan program:

  • Three Monthly One-on-One Calls With your Dedicated YouTube Growth Strategist – Giving you feedback and holding you accountable to achieve your YouTube goals.
  • A Channel Analysis & Benchmark Report – A full, in-depth analysis and diagnosis of your channel’s performance that helps you to clearly see the areas of opportunity on your channel as well as measure forward progress.
  • Three Monthly Feedback Reports – Follow up reports on the progress you have made in each Phase with step by step instructions to increase views, subscribers, and watch time based on your analytics, and overall channel strategy.
  • Direct Access to Your Growth Strategist – Email your Strategist at any time to get feedback or have your questions answered.
  • Your Action Plan, Broken Down Into Three Separate Sections – Your personal strategist will create and discuss with you the three main recommended areas of focus for the three months (one per month), completely personalized to your needs, your niche, and your goals to improve your videos, discoverability, and community––all with actionable checklists.

Billy became YouTube’s featured, “Creator On The Rise”

Dr. Antonio Borrello

“I had been active on YouTube for years with very little growth, which was so frustrating because I felt like I was creating really solid content. I didn’t know why it wasn’t working!

A successful YouTuber I know recommended I work with Tim and his team, so I gave it a shot with really no expectations.

When I kicked off the Action Plan, I had a list of questions and concerns. Lennon, my YouTube strategist, was so hands-on and absolutely amazing to help guide me through how we were going to increase subscribers, views, and watch time.

While going through the Action Plan I kept thinking to myself, “No way this is going to work. Why would some small changes like that to my delivery or what I say in each video have that much of an impact? Why would a small tweak to the thumbnail really do that much?”

Trust me I had doubts… and then my channel started to grow. I saw in real-time the fruits of my labor with the guidance of the Video Creators team. We exceeded all of our goals during the 3 month Action Plan and I have since far superseded my subscribers, watch time, and views many times over.

To put it simply, THE ACTION-PLAN WORKS! Tim has assembled an incredibly knowledgeable team that is super responsive, great to work with, and will always be in your corner cheering you on.

Thanks to you all for getting me over the hump, Tim, Lennon, and D’Laina! I owe you!”

Chef Billy Parisi
YouTube’s Creator On The Rise, May 2020

Our YouTube Growth Guarantee

If you don’t hit your goal after following our guidance for 3 months, then we’ll work with you for free until you do. Plain and simple.

Let’s Get Started!

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Here’s What Other Creators Are Saying about the Action Plan

“When I enrolled in the Action Plan, I was frustrated with my YouTube channel. I had a sense that something wasn’t right and I didn’t know how to fix it.

With my YouTube Strategist’s support, I progressed on different components of my channel that changed the whole video experience for me and my audience.

As a result, my watch time, views, and subscriber growth has doubled since starting the Action Plan. But the biggest result for me is the confidence I’ve gained in understanding how my channel works and how to modify my strategy as needed going forward.”

Brian Read
Automate Your Life

Dr. Antonio Borrello

“Enrolling in The Action Plan was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my YouTube channel. When I enrolled I had less than 10k subscribers. But after a careful channel evaluation by the team and a well thought out plan, together we were able to grow to over 200,000 subscribers within the year. Today I have over 1 million subscribers! If you’re serious about growing your channel and want to work with the best in the business, enroll in The Action Plan today.”

Dr. Antonio Borrello
Psychologist and Relationship Coach

Anthony Youn, MD

Anthony Youn spent 6 years growing his channel to 250,000 subscribers. Each video settled between 10,000 and 30,000 views. He knew he had more capacity to grow, so he started the Action Plan. After implementing his custom growth strategy, his very next videos quickly grew to over 1.5+ million views. Within a few weeks he had earned another 100,000 subscribers!

He continues to execute the principles he learned in the Action Plan and now, instead of taking 6 years to get a couple hundred thousand subscribers, he grew to over 1 million subscribers within only a few months.

Anthony Youn, MD
1+ million subscribers

Davey Orgill

“I have loved consulting with Tim Schmoyer and his team on our vlog channel.  They pinpointed exactly the things I needed to be working on with my channel to help us achieve the goals we set.  I totally recommend anybody that is serious about their channel to do it.”

Davey Orgill
April and Davey YouTube Channel – 640,000 Subscribers