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Turn your $100,000/year business on YouTube into a $1 million/year business on YouTube.

Specifically Designed for $100k Business Owners on YouTube Who Want To 10x Their Business

Are you a business owner who is growing a business on YouTube? Are you growing an audience in order to sell your online course, merch or even brand deals? Are you stuck at $100,000 per year and not sure how to get to $1 million per year in revenue?

That’s exactly where Business Labs comes in!

WARNING: This is the beta launch of Business Labs. It is only available for sale for 1 week!

If you’re looking for a process that will grow your business and your YouTube channel at the same time…

Then, please watch this video and read through this page. Join me and other business-minded creators and let’s grow your YouTube business together!

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Results from Other Creators


“Some might think with a business grossing several 6 figures a year that this material may not be ideal for you. I’d think again. :) What I learned in Business Labs was critical for the future growth of my business. It provided a path for me to ensure my foundation stays strong as the business grows and grows.”

Blake Rudis
f64 Academy


“Around the $100-200k mark, the day-to-day chaos of juggling business and real life makes it really hard to slow down enough to figure out what is making us busy and what’s making us money, because those two are often not the same.

The most valuable thing I got from taking Business Labs was clarity; a newfound ability to prioritize my very limited time, energy and capacity, because I was suddenly able to make much more informed decisions; I now had the data, when before I was just guessing and acting on what felt important.

Do yourself a favor and take Business Labs. You might just be buying your life back.”

Anne Briggs
Anne of All Trades


“I was looking to pull my business out of a rut but needed help to find out where my weak spots were. Business labs helped to shine a light on what needed work so I could level up!”

Dalia Monterroso
Welcome to Chickenlandia

The Truth about Growing a Business on YouTube

It’s relatively simple to grow a $100,000/year business on YouTube.

It’s a tremendous feat — don’t get me wrong — but you can do it as a one-man band with a simple product to sell to your audience.

Growing to $1 million/year takes an entirely new skill set. The skills that got you to $100,000 are not the same skills that will get you to $1 million.

Maybe you already feel that that’s true. You’re operating at maximum capacity. You feel like you’re very busy just keeping it all afloat, and that it all rests on your shoulders.

Believe it or not, your business doesn’t have to feel that way. And the best part is that you can 10x your revenue while growing a better business at the same time.

You just need to feel confident that you’re doing the right things, the right way, in the right order in order to get to that $1 million business.

You’re in exactly the right place.

We’ve Developed a System for Building a $1 million business on YouTube

In 2011 I was living on government assistance programs to feed my wife and two little kids. I had lost my job just before Christmas and had no idea what to do next. On a day when most people were enjoying good food with family and friends, we were saving our gas money and trying to figure out how to make our groceries stretch further.

I had a YouTube channel at the time that was growing, but it wasn’t bringing in enough money to support us. So about a year later we moved across the country for another job, which lasted for about 1 year before the company decided to change directions and eliminate my position.

They said, “Tim, we love you. You’ve done a great job here, but in 6 months you will no longer be working here.”

That’s when I knew I had to take control of my own future in order to provide some stability for my family.

So on January 2, 2013, I started Video Creators. I had no business training and no business background, but by the time my job ended on June 15, 2013, Video Creators was generating $10,000 per month!

Getting the first $120,000 per year was relatively simple. It only took me a few months to get there, but to get to $1 million per year took a few years to achieve and it was NOT simple.

While most of my work on YouTube revolved around YouTube strategy for clients, it’s often hard to separate YouTube growth strategy from business growth strategy when the goal is to drive sales and grow your income. So I ended up doing business coaching for some creators, too, which was a lot of fun! I worked on the business side of channels like, “The King of Random,” and watched Grant, it’s former owner, transform it from a prison of 80 hour work weeks to the freedom of 5 hour work weeks and millions more in revenue.

Ever since then, I’ve been working on putting together a process for those $100,000 per year creators to follow to unlock the path to $1 million per year.

I continually asked myself the question, “What does a business owner on YouTube need to know and do in order to grow their $100,000 business into a $1 million business?” It’s been fun to work with several creators who were brave enough to go through this process, help me refine it over the years, and earn 7 figures as a result.

My YouTube business got here the hard way. I don’t have a business degree or anything like that. For me, it took several years of trial and error while devouring a LOT of business books, podcasts, and hiring business consultants along the way.

Business Labs distills it all down into 14 sessions so you can get there faster than I did.


BUSINESS LABS: Specifically designed for business owners on YouTube who want to grow from $100,000 per year to $1 million per year.

Business Labs is a step-by-step program specifically designed to help you build a $1 million business on YouTube.

We’ll start by creating a $1 million business plan. Next, we’ll test that plan to ensure that our assumptions are correct and that we’re not wasting our time on something that won’t work. Then, we’ll talk about creating, launching, and selling a product if you don’t already have one, and how to manage your finances and grow a team to ensure profitability.

So if you’re…

  • Already earning around $100,000 per year in your business on YouTube
  • Ready for the hard work that goes into profitably scaling the business
  • And want to grow your YouTube channel at the same time

… we’ll give you everything you need to accomplish that inside Business Labs.

Here’s How It Works

Your YouTube Business Instructor

Tim Schmoyer was in graduate school in 2006 and wanted to introduce his girlfriend to his family across the country. So, he uploaded videos to YouTube of them hanging out together. Others started watching, which freaked him out a bit, so he started digging into YouTube to figure out how it worked.

In 2011, he became the first creator to start training YouTube creators. Today his company, Video Creators, has been featured by FOX, Forbes, BBC even YouTube themselves. His team has helped their clients organically earn over 18 billion views and 81 million subscribers.

Not only has his business on YouTube grown to over $1 million per year in revenue, but now he has 10 employees and has helped several other creators grow the business side of their channels well beyond $1 million per year.

Tim’s YouTube business got here the hard way. He doesn’t have a business degree or anything like that. For him, it took several years of trial and error while devouring a lot of business books, podcasts, and hiring business consultants along the way.

Business Labs distills it all down into 14 sessions so you can get there faster than he did.

Oh, and he married his girlfriend. They live in Cincinnati, Ohio, with their seven children.

Tim Schmoyer

Receive Video Coaching from Tim and other Creators

Perhaps the best part about Business Labs is the group of other business-minded creators you join in your journey. Together, you learn each other’s channels, support each other, grow together, and develop relationships that allow everyone to capitalize on each other’s strengths and knowledge.

This happens through our private online community where your “lab mates” are interacting with each other as they work through the training videos and assignments together.

Unlike other online communities where you just write and post text, this community is video-based. It’s face-to-face interaction. While you can still post text, audio clips, screen capture clips, or other forms of media, just open up the community on your mobile phone or desktop and hit record.

Tim Schmoyer is active in the community, responding to your questions, offering feedback, and coaching you through the material, all through video!

Weekly Video Meeting

This Is Not a “Get Rich Quick” Process

WARNING: There’s no question you will get an insane amount of information and value from this course, but education doesn’t matter if it’s not put into action. The whole goal of this course is to give you action steps and assignments to help you do what’s needed to grow your business to $1 million per year, but that will almost certainly take some hard work and commitment.

Growing from a $100,000/year business to a $1 million/year business doesn’t happen overnight. This isn’t about flipping an imaginary switch on your YouTube channel or on your business to quickly get to $1 million in a year. This is about helping you understand the right work to do in the right order so you can minimize the time that’s wasted and reduce the number of mistakes you’d otherwise make.

Your Business Labs Curriculum

There are 14 video trainings to watch for a total of about six and a half hours of training time. Each session is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to be able to execute the assignments in your business.

Here’s a list of topics and issues we’ll discuss in each session:

Topic Details
SECTION ONE Optimize Your Channel to 10x Your Sales
Video 1 YouTube Content Strategy For Boosting Sales First we need to lay a foundation of what a video content strategy on YouTube should look like in order to effectively drive sales to your product or service without killing your channel’s growth.
Video 2 Business Skills You Need for $1 Million/Year In this session we’ll discuss the practical skills you’ll need in order to grow your business to $1 million in annual revenue.
Video 3 Business Models that Ensure Success Business models can sound intimidating, but we’ll make it simple and easy for you. The model you create will be your plan for how you’ll grow to $1 million per year.
SECTION TWO Create the Perfect Product your Audience Wants to Buy
Video 4 Creating and Testing Your Product to Guarantee Sales Just because you have an audience doesn’t mean they’re willing to buy from you, so here you’ll learn how to test your idea before you put a lot of time and energy into creating it.
Video 5 Discover the Best Price for your Product Pricing your product can feel tricky, but you can actually discover what the most profitable price is rather than just guessing. Getting this right is one of the keys to your business’ success.
SECTION THREE Authentic Sales Strategies for 10x’ing your Revenue
Video 6 Create An Irresistible Sales Pitch Having a product and pricing it right still doesn’t mean it will sell. Since you don’t have a business without sales, creating an irresistible offer is important to actually converting your audience into a sale.
Video 7 Make It Easy for Customers to Buy In this session we’ll help you plan out your customer’s journey into a sales funnel that limits the friction your customer likely faces even when they actually want to buy from you.
SECTION FOUR Implement Systems that Scale your Revenue
Video 8 Managing Finances to Ensure Long-Term Profitability While managing the finances isn’t the thing that most business gurus focus on, it is absolutely essential to ensuring that your business remains profitable for years and years as it continues to grow.
Video 9 Creating Systems that Scale Your Revenue Once your business is profitably bringing in more money, then you’ll need to start putting together a plan that will allow the business to scale. This will allow the business to grow beyond you and start equipping a team to grow the business, too.
Video 10 A Process for Getting Unstuck and Taking New Ground Before you start hiring that team, though, one of the most important systems you’ll need is a way taking new ground, first by yourself, and then with others.
SECTION FIVE Managing Your All-Star Team for Next-Level Growth
Video 11 Growing the Business Beyond Yourself with a Team Now that your business is ready for 10x growth, it’s time to bring other people into your business to help you grow it beyond yourself. This is a big session that focuses on how to find good people, hire them, keep them, and set them up to grow your business for you.
Video 12 Leadership Skills for Growing a $1 Million Team In this session we’ll discuss the leadership qualities you’ll need in order to grow a $1 million business.
SECTION SIX Growing Beyond $1 Million
Video 13 Casting a Vision for Beyond $1 Million With your business now on track to reach $1 million per year, now it’s time to begin looking beyond that at what’s next.
Video 14 Your Next Steps to a $1 Million Business But let’s not get ahead of ourselves quite yet. Until you’re at $1 million, this session and the recommended resources will equip you to focus on the right things in the right order in order to get the results you want.

“Business Labs caused me to think more strategically about SO many aspects of my business. The feedback from Tim and other students was invaluable in helping me to refine my value proposition, pricing, sales copy, ideal customer, and so much more.

If you want to take your business to the next level and you’re willing to put in the work, I highly recommend Business Labs.”

Kevin Markham


“I default to being a hands-on doer when it comes to my YouTube channel. I honestly enjoy doing the planning, filming, and editing of my YouTube videos  However, if I want to impact more lives, the cap is my time.

Business Labs gave me the tools to stop working in my business as a technician and start working on my business as an entrepreneur. With no cap, there is no limit to the number of lives I can impact with my message!”

Nathan Moss
Less Junk, More Journey


What You Get in Business Labs

As a quick overview, here’s everything you get in Business Labs:

  • You’ll learn our process for growing a business on YouTube. It reproduces results for every creator who does the work.
  • You’ll get access to video coaching from Tim Schmoyer in our private online community until January 2, 2022.
  • You’ll get session assignments to complete in your business that will help you move toward $1 million/year in revenue.
  • You’ll get access to 14 sessions of in depth video training to watch. That’s over 6.5 hours total.
  • You’ll get access to a community of other business-minded YouTube creators who are working through the same assignments with you for support, encouragement, and accountability.
  • And so much more…

If you have a business on YouTube that’s currently generating $100,000/year and you want the path to get to $1 million/year, Business Labs will give you the exact process, expertise, and community you need to find success.

Let’s do it together!

Beta Access Closes on Nov. 15

Regular Price: $4,997

This is a BETA version of Business Labs.
It’s available at a steeply discounted price this week only in exchange for your feedback.
Complete a brief survey after each session and get lifetime access to future updates.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be making $100k/year on YouTube in order to go through Business Labs?2021-11-03T12:04:50-04:00

No, you don’t. Anyone who wants to register is welcome to go through the process. However, the creator who will get the most benefit from it is someone who has already figured out some things about growing a business on YouTube. This isn’t, “Your First $1,000 on YouTube,” kind of thing. This is more like, “Your next $1 million on YouTube,” kind of thing.

Are there weekly meetings I have to attend?2021-11-03T12:05:41-04:00

While the alpha version of Business Labs included a weekly meeting, that will no longer be necessary for this beta version of Business Labs. Instead, we’ll do our video coaching through a new app that lets us communicate asynchronously by posting video messages back and forth. Think Slack merged with Snapchat kind of thing.

How long is Business Labs?2021-11-03T12:06:37-04:00

The course will be available for you to work at your own pace, but the video coaching will only be available until January 2, 2022, while you work through the material and the assignments.

How long will it take me to get to $1 million/year with Business Labs?2021-11-08T20:45:38-05:00

I think that’s like asking, “How long will it take my YouTube channel to get to 1 million subscribers?” Maybe a long time, maybe a short time, maybe never? It really just depends on so many variables, like the size of your audience, their spending power, how engaged they are, how well your business aligns with them, some of the necessary growth elements you may already have in place, and so many other things.

Just like getting to the next level of YouTube growth, this is about acquiring new skills that will take you to the next level, not about pressing magic “get rich quick” button that doesn’t exist.

I don’t believe in overnight success or get rich programs – only in hard work, adding value, and serving others with excellence and constancy. Business Labs is intended to help you reach your full potential and make a difference in the world.

As stipulated by law, I can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with these ideas, information, tools or strategies. I don’t know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? I just want to help by giving great content, direction, and strategies that move you forward.

But Tim, do YOU make $1 million/year on YouTube? How are you qualified to teach this?2021-11-03T12:07:40-04:00

Yes, my business on YouTube earns more than $1 million/year. We have 10 employees here now, so it’s a much bigger thing than just a side gig for me. Plus, I’ve helped a few creators grow the business side of their channels well beyond $1 million/year.

My YouTube business got here the hard way. I don’t have a business degree or anything like that. For me, it took several years of trial and error while devouring a LOT of business books, podcasts, and hiring business consultants along the way. Business Labs distills it all down into 13 sessions so you can get there faster than I did.

C’mon, $1 million just sounds greedy.2021-11-03T12:08:52-04:00

I know when we talk about making money, especially with numbers like $1 million/year, that means different things to different people. For some, it feels like a greedy thing. To others, it sounds like something that’s just not believable. I get it. When I got married I was making $14,600/year as a youth worker, so big numbers like that still sound ridiculous to me at times.

Without getting into all of the various beliefs that surround money, I’ll share that I believe that money is one way to measure how well you’re serving other people. If your business exists to solve a problem for someone else and make their life better in some way, then earning more money is one indication that you’re serving well. It’s not the only indication, but it is one way to measure impact.

If money is your goal, it can ruin your life. But money makes for an amazing tool we can use to reach more people and change more lives. Money is a result of offering something of value to others.

How much time do I get with Tim?2021-11-03T12:12:30-04:00

We’re trying a new experiment with this beta version of Business Labs. Instead of having a scheduled weekly group call, we’re going to try something called “asynchronous” video messaging. That means you use our community app to post a quick video of yourself asking a question and then Tim and other business-minded creators can respond with their own video responses. It’s kind of like the next best thing to scheduling LIVE Q&A because we can interact better throughout the process instead.

Tim will only be active in the Business Labs community until January 2, 2022.

Is Business Labs limited to only a certain number of creators?2021-11-03T12:14:57-04:00

Nope! In the past we’ve limited our courses to 20 creators so we could be very hands on with them, but this time we’re trying a few format that we think will help more people be able to take advantage of the training without the limitation of time zones and schedules.

However, registration for Business Labs is only open for 1 week. It closes on Monday, November 15, and will likely not open again for a year.

How much time will Business Labs take to complete?2021-11-03T12:59:02-04:00

Well, it depends on how much work you put into the assignments and actually implementing the principles into your business.

The video trainings themselves will take about 6.5 hours to complete, but that knowledge alone won’t grow your business. It will likely take at least a year, more likely two years, to fully implement all of the assignments and trainings.

If I don’t register for this session of Business Labs, will there be another one soon?2021-11-03T13:00:43-04:00

Probably not soon, no. It will take us a while to collect all the feedback people give us during this beta session of Business Labs, sift through it, make changes, and then re-create the course again. It’ll likely be about a year until it’s final version is available again.

What do you mean when you say this is a “beta” version of Business Labs?2021-11-03T13:04:04-04:00

Essentially, we’re still testing out this course. It’s not in it’s final version yet.

We first tested this process privately with a small group of 12 creators as an “alpha” version. Based on their feedback, we updated the course and are now offering a “beta” version of it. We’re offering it at a steeply discounted price in exchange for your feedback as you go through the material. At the end of each video training, there’s a brief, 3 question survey for you to fill out about the training and the assignments.

When the final version of Business Labs is published, all beta members will get access to it for free. Woot!

This looks awesome, but that price! I can’t afford that.2021-11-07T17:50:39-05:00

I totally get it. This isn’t for everyone. I really do believe that many people in the Video Creators community have messages that need to spread, so my YouTube channel will always be free and my training resources will always be affordable.

If you are growing a business around your YouTube channel and want help figuring out how to come up with the right product your audience actually wants to buy and how to launch it, check out my free guide, “Product to Profit.” That’ll give you everything you need to have a successful launch and start a healthy business around your channel.

For how long do I get access to the Business Labs material?2021-11-03T13:16:22-04:00

You get lifetime access to the Business Labs training videos and assignments as well as all future updates to the material. Simply login at to access the course.

“Lifetime” is defined as the lifetime of the course, not my lifetime. That means if we discontinue hosting the course for some reason, we’ll at least email you and give you the opportunity to download it all before then.

How big of a YouTube channel do I need before starting Business Labs?2021-11-07T13:52:07-05:00

There’s really not a set number here in terms of YouTube subscribers or monthly viewership. I know one creator with 3,000 subscribers who earns over $2 million/year from his channel and another creator with 1.5 million subscribers who earns less than $10,000/year. As we’ll discuss in the course, generating revenue is less about the size of your audience and more about the strength of your business model, your offer, and how big of a problem you’re solving, among other things.

That said, it’s very difficult to introduce a transaction and grow a business around your channel if people aren’t already consuming your content for free. On average, I’d expect channel who’s ready for Business Labs to have at least 100,000 subscribers.

A better way to evaluate if Business Labs is for you is to consider what stage you’re in as a creator. If you’re already making about $100,000 per year in your business on YouTube and you’re feeling stretched thin because you’re doing most of the work yourself, then Business Labs is for you.

Do I already need to have a product before starting Business Labs?2021-11-07T13:55:55-05:00

Ideally, yes, but it’s not required.

Some people who are already selling a product go through Business Labs and discover they need a different product that will perform better. Others come into Business Labs with no product at all and follow our process for creating and testing one from scratch and do just fine.

Either way, by the end of Business Labs you will need a product or service. Maybe your current one is the right one already, maybe it’s not. You’ll figure that out through Business Labs.

I’m not selling anything on my channel. Is Business Labs still for me?2021-11-08T15:09:22-05:00

That depends on what your goal is.

If you’re making videos that have very broad appeal, then it’s possible that you can get enough views each month to reach $1 million per year. But if you have a product to sell to your audience directly, then you’ll make even more.

However, if your channel has a bit more of an average or narrow appeal, then you’ll need to create a product to sell in order to reach $1 million per year.

Either way, you should definitely have a product or service to sell to your audience. Not only will you be more likely to hit $1 million per year, but it will allow you to take more control over your income and make it more predictable without having to rely on YouTube’s ad rates and sponsorships. Sell your own thing instead of existing to sell other people’s things.

In Business Labs, we’ll show you how to do that.

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