Chat Moderation Guidelines for Live Streams

Thank you so much for being willing to serve the Video Creators community by helping moderate the chat of our live streaming events!

Here’s a couple guidelines for you, as well as some guidelines for you to follow as you moderate the chat.

Guidelines for You

  1. Always be very courteous and supportive of other creators, even when they’re being disrespectful or inappropriate. We never need to stoop to their level in order to deal with immature people.
  2. You must follow the same guidelines yourself that are outlined below. If you’re asking for subscribers, doing sub for sub, spamming, or talking in any way that’s less than courteous and respectful, the other moderators have my full permission to kick you and I’ll remove your moderator status.
  3. Do not use the moderation controls nor the authority that comes with it for personal attention, entertainment, nor as a control freak. Use them only when necessary in order to facilitate the kind of community we all want for creators: a place that’s safe, open, honest, educational, respectful, and supportive.

Guidelines for Moderating

  1. If someone appears to innocently be asking for “sub for sub” or “subscribe to my channel” something that’s perceived as spam, politely tell them that this isn’t the place for that. If they continue, place the user in timeout. If they still continue, then kick the user from the chat. It’s a 3 step process: warning, time out, kick.
  2. We have zero tolerance for personal attacks, derogatory sexual comments, and anything that’s considered hateful. Ban those users right away. No warning necessary. However, if you feel like the user is just being lighthearted due to young teenage immaturity, then give them a warning. Tell them that those kinds of comments are not tolerated and will result in being kicked. On the second offense, kick that person from the chat.

If you have any questions about these or find that there are other guidelines that should be added, please feel free to contact Tim. Let’s keep this document as updated as possible to the latest guidelines that we hold for ourselves and for those we’re serving.

Thanks, moderator team, for serving the creator community! I appreciate each of you!

Tim Schmoyer

Tim Schmoyer
Founder, Video Creators