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Feel Comfortable on Camera. Present Your Authentic Self

Learn the skills that make it possible for viewers to easily form a meaningful, human connection with you, so your audience more quickly grows into a passionate fanbase.

  • Learn to look and feel confident on camera
  • How to read a script and make it sound and feel totally natural
  • Make it easy for viewers to form a deep connection with you
  • The best techniques in how to use your voice to communicate effectively and clearly
  • And much more!
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Results from Other Creators


Buy the friggen course already! :D

“The course really goes in depth about mindset as well as just “looking good” in front of the camera. You get valuable tips and stuff you can do immediatly to come off more natural. Of course you have to actually DO THE WORK ON YOURSELF. But it’s worth it! Buy the friggin course!”

Melanie J.


Find Your Voice Is AWESOME!

“So much great info in this course! What a steal for the price. I can’t wait to take the video labs course!”

Alcide L.



“I started reading the book and taking the course and have learned a lot so far. Really good facts and ideas for me to try and perform on my own. Thanks Tim Schmoyer.”

walid e.



“The information is very useful and all lessons are with engaging style ! the quizes after every lesson are good idea”


More Information

This course is for anyone who would like to present themselves and their message more clearly. That includes YouTube vloggers, gamers, beauty gurus, educational creators, video marketers, and really anyone who talks to a camera.

While the course is designed for people who feel a little nervous being on camera, it’s just as valuable for people who don’t feel nervous at all and just want to improve their presence on camera, how they communicate, and the human connection they build with their audience.

90 Day Guarantee


To prove my confidence in the value of this ebook, I am offering a generous 90 day, money back, satisfaction guarantee. Just contact me with your order information within 90 days of your purchase. That’s it!

There’s no hidden small print. If you are unsatisfied with with this course for any reason whatsoever, you will get a refund.

Course Outline

Module Lesson Duration Action Steps Quiz
Main Course 1. Dealing With Nerves 15 min, 5 sec
2. The Inner Game of Talking to a Camera 14 min, 22 sec
3. Body Posture and Non-Verbal Communication 13 min, 48 sec
4. How To Speak Clearly and Effectively with your Voice 12 min, 53 sec
5. How Emphasizing Certain Syllables Can Impact Your Viewers 7 min, 51 sec
6. How To Tell a Story That’s Believable and Genuine 13 min, 36 sec
7. How To Overcome Fear, Feel Safe, and Still Connect with your Audience 7 min, 16 sec
8. How Clothing and Jewelry Impacts Viewers and Your Story 8 min, 10 sec
9. How to Feel and Sound Natural when Using a Script 18 min, 25 sec
10. Crafting a Video Script that Hooks and Engages Viewers 16 min, 16 sec
11. Final Resources for your Next Steps 5 min, 48 sec
Bonus Lessons 1. The Basics of Shooting Video, Lighting Your Set, and Capturing Sound 12 min, 1 sec
2. The Basics of Casting Calls 10 min, 7 sec
TOTAL 13 Videos 2 hrs, 35 min, 38 sec

Here’s How It Works

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How is this course presented? Do I get actual DVDs?2020-05-19T08:42:33-04:00

No. This course is presented through a series of online videos. When you go through the checkout process to purchase the course, you’ll create an account here at Or, if you’ve purchased other courses here in the past, you’ll be prompted to login to your existing account. After the purchase is complete you’ll get immediate access to watch the course videos and take the quizzes here on this site. There is nothing shipped in the mail to you. No DVDs, books, nor anything like that.

For how long do I get access to this course?2020-05-19T09:47:35-04:00

Your purchase gives your account access to the course for 1 year. Don’t worry, though. After one year you are not billed for another year or anything. It is not a subscription fee. Your account at will simply no longer have access to the content after 1 year, that’s all.

I don’t show my face in my videos. Is this course still for me?2020-05-19T09:48:34-04:00

The course is geared for creators who talk directly to their audience through a camera lens, which is why we discuss things like body language, non-verbal communication, body posture, clothing, and more. But other lessons apply to any channel that has a voice on it, such as effective communication, speaking clearly, using your voice to emphasize your points, storytelling, and more.

So yes, it’s still for you. There’s just some parts in the lessons that won’t apply as closely to your videos, that’s all.

Will this really work for me?2020-05-19T09:49:20-04:00

Yes! If you feel shy because you’re an introvert, almost all of the most popular YouTube creators are introverts because they naturally tend to make deep connections with people. However, extroverts can do just as well because they’re often naturally entertaining. So it really doesn’t matter where you fall along the continuum, you can do this!

The main hiccup for anyone who’s struggling to feel comfortable on camera and build an authentic connection with their audience is mental. This course will help you identify what’s happening in your head so you can both control it and turn it into something that drives you instead of holding you back.

Is there any way to complete the course more quickly than in 3 hours?2020-05-19T09:49:58-04:00

If you skip the action steps associated with each lesson and forfeit the actual learning process, then yes, you can rush through the material in a little less than 3 hours. But I’d encourage you to take full advantage of the action steps because you’ll actually save yourself a lot of time in the long run with all the re-takes you’ll save yourself from taking in your future videos. Not to mention the time you’ll save in growing your viewership.

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