Submit your YouTube Tip Video

Share your YouTube tips, advice, ideas, and suggestions with the Video Creators community!

One of the best things about the community that surrounds Video Creators is that almost everyone here has some level of experience with YouTube audience development. Everyone’s individual YouTube efforts has presented learning opportunities that are valuable for the rest of us. I know personally I love hearing the lessons you guys are learning and sharing them with the rest of the Video Creators community! I get to learn from you guys every day!

If you’re interested in submitting a video of your own YouTube tip, advice, suggestion, or idea, here’s how to do it.

1. Check out some other submissions

Here’s the YouTube playlist of YouTube Tips on Video Creators. Pick any of the videos that have a thumbnail of someone’s face other than my own (Tim Schmoyer) and watch a few of them. Pay attention to the quality of their tip and the video overall. Can you replicate similar quality?

2. Search the channel for your tip

search_channelSince we cover so much content here at Video Creators, search the channel to see if we’ve already done a video about your YouTube tip or idea. Just because we covered it already doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a topic that’s worth re-visiting. Just make sure you have a unique or interesting spin on the topic or that it’s a topic we haven’t discussed in about 6 months or so.

3. Review your idea with me

I don’t want you to put a lot of time and energy into creating your video only to find out that I won’t publish it for one reason or another. So contact me with your idea first and provide the following info in the email:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your channel URL.
  3. The value your channel proposes to deliver to viewers in one or two sentences.
  4. A sample title of your tip video.
  5. Details regarding the content of your video. List your tips, ideas, suggestions, and advice and what you’d say about each one.
  6. A sample video on your channel that gives me an idea of the type of quality I can expect in your video submission.

We may go back and forth on your content a few times, but it’s only to help you make a better video for the audience at Video Creators. I work with the viewers at Video Creators every day and can help you deliver the best video possible for them.

4. Shoot your video

When I give you the go-ahead via email, then take our discussion and turn it into a video. Be sure to follow this format:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your channel’s URL and value proposition. Do this briefly in one or two sentences.
  3. Present your content.
  4. Ask a question for viewers to answer. Make sure it’s a question that, when people answer it in the comments, their answers add more value to the video. Avoid yes/no questions and generic questions like, “What do you think?”
  5. Tell non-subscribed viewers why should viewers subscribe to Video Creators.

Please, do not include any material in the video that is not yours, either in way of the content you present or in supporting material, like video footage, images, and music. If any of these things are necessary for your video, please ensure that they are clearly used as Fair Use or, better yet, licensed under Creative Commons. When you send your video to me, please include a link in the body of the message to the copyright holder’s statement saying that says the material you used is licensed under a Commercial Creative Commons license.

5. Send me your video

Woohoo! You’ve shot your video, edited it, and now it’s ready to send to me! Simply click here to go to WeTransfer’s website and send it to me. Please note that your video’s file size must be 2GB or smaller.

6. Interact with the comments

Due to other videos that have been submitted ahead of yours, I cannot guarantee exactly when your video will be published, but I will do my best to email you when it’s queued up and ready to go live. That way you can be active in the comments of your video. Answer questions, give input into other people’s ideas, and talk with viewers who are interacting with your tips. That personal touch often the best way to get viewers to go over to your channel to check it out and subscribe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask when you contact me!

Thank you for sharing your YouTube expertise with rest of the Video Creators community!