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Video Creators VIP


Now that you’ve gone through Video Labs, you naturally want to implement your newfound knowledge and see your channel grow.

With everything you’ve learned, you know how much work there is to do, and most of the work is developing skills that simply take time.

The unfortunate truth is that we see some creators leave their Video Labs journey going back to their old habits, often putting the wrong things first, and ending up frustrated and overwhelmed because they just don’t know which strategies to really focus on.

That’s why we’ve developed our VIP program.

It’s our next level group coaching program designed to walk you through mastering those skills, executing your vision for your channel, and implementing the growth strategy you learned in Video Labs with next level community and accountability.

Here’s how it works…

As a recovering over-thinker, I thought the main thing I wanted from VIP was help making decisions for my channel as I keep moving forward.

But it turns out that the most valuable part of VIP for me was the camaraderie and support from all the other creators. There’s nothing quite like being on the same journey with other people. It makes everything more fun!

Dan Hinz, Adulting With Money

After Video Labs, I wanted additional guidance to execute everything I just learned.

While access to Video Creators’ expertise has been a big help with that, learning from what others bring to the group has been huge for me. I don’t feel “alone” in my YouTube journey now. I have accountability and ongoing learning opportunities, which helps me stay focused on my plan to grow my channel.

Nick Lituanio

Consulting vs. VIP

Consultation VIP Coaching
One-time session Weekly sessions
1 hour. That’s it. 1 hour every week
Access to one strategist Access to strategist + creators
No follow-up nor support Follow-up support in our private group
No community support Access to like-minded creators
Develop skills on your own Skill development with guidance
No additional training On-going trainings
$597/hour $145.98/month

VIP and Growth Network under one subscription

When you subscribe to VIP, you also get access to the larger Growth Network, which includes a lot of community events, hang outs, further YouTube education, Q&A sessions, and more.

Growth Network VIP
Live title and thumbnail workshops
Weekly coaching in Office Hours
Monthly social and networking meetings
Access to the VIP private group
Feedback Fridays
Priority access to our team for questions and feedback
Monthly LIVE Q&A calls
Monthly goal setting and skill development support
Access to Guest Expert Trainings
Access to trusted peers of Video Labs graduates

VIP Monthly

  • Billing includes the Growth Network at $47.99/month plus VIP at $97.99/month.

Cancel Anytime

90 Day Guarantee

While there are no refunds for un-used time to your subscription, you are certainly free to cancel at any time.

Simply head to “My Account Billing” and click Cancel to end your subscription.