As we move into 2022, more and more self-proclaimed YouTube experts are sharing their tips behind how you can grow faster on YouTube.

As Certified YouTube Growth Experts, who have a personal relationship with YouTube, we feel pretty qualified to be able to tell you what is truth and what is just NOT worth your time and energy to focus on.

I put together 13 different pieces of advice I have found on the internet and I had two of the strategists on my team, Lennon and D’Laina, react to them. Here were the contenders:

1. Build your videos around a single keyword on YouTube.

2. Be searchable (include a keyword EVERYWHERE).

3. Link to yourself (link to other videos of yours and other platforms).

4. Make playlists.

5. Use your endscreens to let people know to subscribe, have an endscreen for a most recent video, and an endscreen for the “best for viewer”.

6. Engage with your audience.

7. Have consistent branding across all of your videos and thumbnails.

8. Promote your YouTube videos on all of your other social channels.

9. Use amazing thumbnails.

10. You have to leverage interactive cards.

11. Push for your viewers to subscribe.

12. Upload more frequently.

13. Use your analytics.

Can you tell which pieces of advice are false, true, and which ones are in the grey area? Listen above to our latest podcast episode to how to ACTUALLY grow your channel faster on YouTube.

Let me know what you think.

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