Using your keyboard to control your YouTube viewing sessions is a lot faster than using your mouse to click on the action you want to take, whether that be to pause the video, speed it up, slow it down, skip ahead, increase the volume, mute the volume, or something else. Here’s the top 21 keyboard shortcuts I use on YouTube to watch more videos is a shorter amount of time.

– Toggle play/pause the video: K or Spacebar
– Go back 5 seconds: Left arrow
– Go back 10 seconds: J
– Go forward 5 seconds: Right arrow
– Go forward 10 seconds: L
– Go to Full-Screen mode: F
– Exit Full-Screen mode: Escape
– Go to beginning of video: Home
– Go to end of video: End
– Increase volume: Up arrow
– Decrease volume: Down arrow
– Mute/unmute video: M
– Turn captions on/off: C
– Skip ahead/back % of the video: numbers 1-9, 5 middle of the video
– Restart video: 0 (not the keypad number)
– Increase speed: Shift+. (may not work in all browsers) or Shift+. (period)
– Decrease speed: Shift+, (may not work in all browsers) or Shift+, (comma)
– Move forward 1 frame when video is paused: . (period)
– Move backward 1 frame when video is paused: , (comma)
– Move to the next video in a playlist: Shift+N (next)
– Move to the previous video in a playlist: Shift+P (previous)

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