YouTube made some changes to their platform, both for creators and advertisers, that may help creators here make more money. The changes enable creators to better receive donations from their viewers during live streams using the new Super Chat feature, as well as enable advertisers to have better options for tracking their campaign performance across both mobile and desktop. I’d love to hear what you think about these changes!

What keeps that content going is actually money. You need to make money so you can continue to invest into it, and camera and gears, equipment. So a couple of things YouTube is doing– let’s talking about what they’re doing for us as creators. So the first thing that they’re doing is that they have released an update for chat during live streams.

Live Streaming Update

And so basically, what it is is that just like on Twitch, you can now donate. And I’ll put links to all this in the description below so you can go check them out. You can now donate to someone while they are live streaming. And when you donate to them, then your chat– you have a little message there, and we’re going to do it here in a second.

At least I’m going to try. Then you can– your chat will get pinned up to the top. And the more amount of money that you contribute, the more money that the person– the longer that your chat message will stay pinned at the top.

So I have found this person here. And so they have the sponsorship going on, which I’m not really interested in that.  I don’t know who this creator is. I just randomly found this. And down here is where the super chat now is.

So you can click on this green thing. I’m just going to click on the blue Donate button. And then I can just support them. This is ONE_shot_GURL. Shot You’re welcome, whoever you are. Let’s give $1. Actually, let’s give $5.

Tell the world why you support this channel. Let’s say– and I am going to go Next. I’m going to confirm. I’ve actually never done this before, so this should be fun. Thank you for your support. Finished.

And you can see over here– you see how it’s pinned to the top now? $5, and that goes up there.

Her response: What the heck? Thank you so much, Video Creators. You’re so sweet. What the heck? Thank you. What’s good, buddy? The $5 holler. Guys, we just got a $5 holler from Video Creators. Let’s show Video Creators some love. What the heck? That’s so, so sweet. That’s so nice. Thank you. I just creeped on your channel, TT over there. Man, thanks, Video Creators. You’re a sweetheart.

And that’s how it works. So my comment will stay pinned up here at the top probably for– I forget exactly what the actual duration, but it’s like $5, I think, keeps it up there for five minutes, and then– I forget exactly what the ratio Is. But the more you donate, the longer your thing stays pinned up to the top. So I might come back and check it to see what’s going on here.

Advertiser Update

But for right now, let’s move on to the next thing YouTube is doing. More on the advertisers side. And so one thing that happens for advertisers– let’s say I see an ad on my mobile device, and I’m like, oh, that’s a cool service. I want to sign up for that. But then I don’t do it until I go to my desktop and do it. That’s hard to track, just the way that tracking works online. And so if it’s a pixel or a cookie or something, it’s hard for an advertiser to know how that’s converting.

And so now they’re switching things around. So basically, this article is pointing out that there are improved ways of reaching your audience as YouTube shifts more and more towards mobile and making it easier for advertisers to use their– track their campaigns across screens. And so they’re doing a lot, which I think will be good. Because these are tools that are making it easier for advertisers to spend more money on here, because they can see exactly the value that they’re getting.

And so not all– so along with not only being able to track people and their purchases and their interactions with ads across devices, but they’re also making it so that advertisers can now target your search history, which is something they’ve never– that’s data that they have held so close to their chest for a long time. That is not data they’ve ever monetized before.

And so I think that there is some growing pressure from Facebook’s advertising platform to keep up. And so they are now letting advertisers target people’s search history with relevant ads and things as well. So this is going to make a big difference. I hope that both of these two changes– both with tracking campaigns across screens and targeting search history– will mean that our CPMs will go up, which means that the amount of money that we’re making will hopefully go up. So links to all of this down in the description below. You guys can go check that out.

New Way to Get Discovered

The last thing I want to point out is a new way to discover up and coming artists. Some of you guys maybe have seen this. YouTube added a thing to the Trending tab in the United States. They’re going to show on the rise creators or artists, and they’re featuring four of them every week. So let’s go over to the Trending tab, see what that looks like.

This is Here’s your Home feed. Here’s your subscriptions. Trending is right in the middle. And you can see right here right now it’s on the rise artist. And so it’s this person. So they’re going to feature creators that have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers threshold– or no. They’re reaching that every single day. Any artist with over 1,000 subscribers is eligible to be featured.

So it doesn’t say what you need to do to be featured. It just says that our team is involved in the process to help select which eligible channels can be featured. And the factors that they’re taking into consideration here include view count, watch time, and subscriber growth.

So nothing you need to do to be featured. They’re just kind of keeping an eye on those factors in different channels. And once you hit a certain level, they’ll just manually feature you here as an artist on the rise, a creator, or artist on the rise if you’re a musician.

And if this is your first time here, I would love to have you subscribe, because this channel is all about helping you guys grow your YouTube audience. You can spread a message that reaches people and changes their life. And I hope these updates help you do that.

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