Forming a strong, human relationship with your video audience is important for building trust, establishing credibility, and ultimately growing your audience in the first place. Today Tim Schmoyer and Daniel Read discuss ideas and tips you can use in your very next video to help develop and grow that relationship and even feel more comfortable on camera as you do it.
Find Your Voice course
New Creators
  • It’s scary when you’re starting out on camera.
  • You shoot a video of yourself over and over again to get it just right
Seasoned Creators
  • You feel fine, but your audience isn’t connecting with you
  • You’re struggling to form a human connection with viewers
  • You need to build trust and credibility with viewers
Your audience is growing slowly because your on-camera presence isn’t as strong, confident, nor as personable as it needs to be.
Dealing with Nerves
  •  The biggest cause of fear is rejection, we fear that people won’t like what we say and consequently, won’t like us.
  • Another reason we are afraid is that we feel like prey. When we are in front of the camera it is easy for us to feel like everyone is getting ready to attack us.

Non-Verbal Communication

How to communicate openness
  1. Smile
  2. Eye contact
  3. Open arms
  4. Palms up
  5. Good posture
  6. Lean forward to show interest
  7. Smile
Sounding Natural when Using a Script
  • Speak the script instead of typing it. Talk out loud to your computer or record the audio and have it transcribed.
  •  Use shorter sentences. One and two-syllable words.
  • Rehearse the script with someone blindfolded.
  1. Dealing With Nerves
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  • The Inner Game of Talking to a Camera
  • Body Posture and Non-Verbal Communication
  • Effective Communication and Speaking Clearly
  • Utilizing your Voice to Emphasize Main Points
  • How To Tell a Story That’s Believable and Genuine
  • Overcome Fear, Feel Safe, and Still Connect with your Audience
  • How Clothing and Personal Appearance Impacts Viewers
  • How to Feel and Sound Natural when Using a Script
  • Crafting a Video Script that Hooks and Engages Viewers
  • Final Resources for your Next Steps
  •  Bonus Lessons
    1. The Basics of Shooting Video, Lighting Your Set, and Capturing Sound
    2. The Basics of Casting Calls
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