How is it going?

I recently finished up building some porch furniture for our family of 9 and we enjoyed some time on the porch together last night.

I have grown to love the process of woodworking. Of creating something out of some planks of wood.

But it wasn’t always easy for me. I took some great courses and learned from expert woodworkers to be able to build porch furniture I feel good about my kids hanging out on.

The process was frustrating at first and not what I’d call “easy”.

Similarly, I know a lot of you feel the same way about video creation.

We sent out a survey a few months ago and from the small creator starting out to the ones with 1M+ subscribers, you let us know that you just feel like you don’t have the time you need to create videos in the way that you’d like to.

Or like the creation process is frustrating as a whole because there’s so much to do, you’re not even sure where to start. In our recent podcast, D’Laina shares 5 of the mistakes you’re making in your creation process and how to fix them. We had some good conversation about this, so you can listen to the podcast here, but if you’re short on time, here are those mistakes you may be making that are making your video creation process frustrating.

  1. You don’t know how much time it takes you to make a video. In order to streamline the process of making more videos in less time, you need to know where you’re starting. There’s so much time that goes into content production. Coming up with content ideas, research, writing the script, getting ready to film (and look presentable on camera), filming, transferring the footage, editing, adding the title, thumbnail, SEO, etc. Tracking your time will help you to know where you’re starting and figure out how much time you actually need to get a video from an idea to published.
  2. You’re trying to do it all at once. If you’re trying to create more content at once, time batching is great and we’ve done a few podcasts on that, but it’s not practical for everyone (especially if you’re working full time in your day job). Instead, we recommend spending shorter amounts of time 1x a day to work on your channel. That might mean for 1 hour a night each week you film all of your videos for the month or maybe you edit 1 hour a night each week. That way, you’re less likely to feel burn out trying to do it all in one night and you’re up till 2am and burnt out.
  3. You’re trying to be in too many places before mastering one of them. If you’re trying to produce content for 7 different platforms at once and you’re a solo creator, it’s going to cause a lot of scatter. Select the platforms that matter for you and your audience. It’s okay to drop creating content in certain platforms. Be strategic about where your audience spends the most time on and free up some time by dropping a few platforms to spend more time creating more valuable content for the platforms that are working for you.
  4. You are working video to video style. If you’re coming up with your videos from week to week, you’re likely going to experience the stress of not hitting your deadline because you can get sick, other things come up, and then that video is missed. Instead, if you plan your content out usually a month (or more) in advance, you have the time to research, plan, and really create way more valuable content than you would just doing it week to week because you’re not on a time crunch.
  5. You’re not delegating. If there’s something about your process that you don’t enjoy or you don’t have the time to learn something about your creation process, it may be worth delegating it to someone else (if you have the budget for it). Free yourself up for the things you genuinely enjoy doing. That’ll make a huge difference in your creation process.

Do any of these resonate with you? Do you feel like you’re making any of these mistakes in your creation process?

Let us know.

Thanks for reading!

Keep changing lives,