$50MM Investor Shares His Process for Building a Sustainable YouTube Career [Ep. #135]

If you want a process for building a sustainable YouTube career, Ben Grubbs is here to tell us how to make money on YouTube and make our creativity last.

Previously, Ben was the Global Head of Top Creator Partnerships at YouTube where he oversaw the strategy and investments driving the growth and sustainability of YouTube’s top content creators. Now, with Next 10 Ventures, he’s raised $50M to partner with creators, diversify their business, and pave the way to a long-lasting career.

Ben has unparalleled expertise in the space and he loves discussing the wars going on between Twitch / IGTV / YouTube and how creators should be building their business.

Check out Next 10 Ventures at https://www.next10ventures.com/

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  1. Zdenka Darula September 16, 2018 at 8:56 pm - Reply

    Hello … I have watched quite a bit of videos on youtube from you and recently moved onto these podcasts as I am editing photos.. lol… (photographer here). I’ve been on youtube for about 6 months. getting very serious about this grew my channel from 0 to now almost 500 and I must say this podcast Ep. 135 really was amazing and very much highly motivating for me. I already so stock photography so I do have some income in my sleep as you would say so youtube would be my next step. THANK YOU, thank you for all this… great videos, you work hard and give tons of information. Big greetings. Zdenka

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