It’s one thing to get viewers to your YouTube videos, but it’s another thing to take those viewers and convert them into a loyal community. How do you take a viewer from their very first exposure to you and your videos and start them along a path that helps them become ingrained into a bigger community of viewers and subscribers? And ultimately, how do you mobilize that community to accomplish something greater than you ever could accomplish on your own?

Patrick Hanlon, the author of, “Primal Branding,” has been helping brands and companies develop communities both offline and online for decades. He joins us to talk with us about, “The Primal Code.” This code contains 7 factors that help any brand, company, or YouTube channel develop a fan base around their content, product, or services. We’ll walk through each piece of the code and discuss some practical examples for what it means for us as YouTube creators.

THE BOOK: “Primal Branding: Create Zealots for your Brand, Your Company, and Your Future.” (affiliate)

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