How are you doing?

It’s been a fun week here at Video Creators. In our latest podcast episode, we got to hear some voice messages from some of you (thanks for sending them in!) and answered a few questions you had about YouTube and your channels.

These were some really great questions and we’d recommend listening to the full podcast episode here, but for those of you who are short on time or prefer to read email, here are some questions we got and what our team had to say. We know many of you can relate to these questions, so we hope they’re helpful!

1. How can I better communicate my message to my target audience?

Rory Vaden says this about experts in every field “If you want to be an authority in your niche, you have to be an ambassador of the problem as much as you are of the solution.” In many cases, we’re not always an ambassador of the problem, we’re just creating with entertainment, education, or throwing up a random vlog in mind with no clear problem. Instead, we need to define the problem that your target audience has (i.e. ‘How do I make a living as a cover artist?’) and create a solution that solves that problem (i.e. ‘How this cover artist is making $100K a year’).

2. Should I make a video with one topic or address multiple topics in one video?

The short answer is, you can experiment with both of these methods and see in your analytics which ones your audience is responding better to. However, when creating a video that addresses multiple topics (i.e. doing different crafts in one video), it’s important to have one thing that ties it together (i.e. a tool, Christmas crafts, etc.).

3. How can I implement storytelling in a product review?

This is such a great question! A few examples: can you put a product review through multiple different tests? Can you do something extreme to make it more interesting and to see if it holds true to what it promises to do? Interestingly, a product review is already set up to be a story because it’s a product that solves a problem.

Here’s a quick example: “I (character) really want to hang a picture in my daughter’s room, but there’s a metal beam behind this drywall and I can’t just drill a hole into the wall. Here’s this thing I found (the product) I’m going to try to see if it works.” What’s at stake? Is this your daughter’s favorite picture? Are you trying to do it before your daughter gets home? Make sure to capture that transformation moment as well.

Another trick: use the sales page of the product you’re reviewing and show your viewer if it holds up to these claims. That’s the whole point of a product review really – people want other people’s opinions that they can trust.

4. What is your biggest advice for a traveling couple on YouTube? Are we too late to the game?

Start with a good story!

A good story isn’t just a sequence of events.

A better story is this happened, BUT this happened, BUT then this happened…

In other words:

  • Who is the character? (i.e. us)
  • What do they want? (i.e. to travel to brazil)
  • What obstacles are they facing? (i.e. our passports got lost)
  • What’s at stake if you don’t get there? (i.e. we can’t meet our friends)

Just put a little thought into the day and what’s planned before hitting record and you won’t have as much to edit, but you’ll also have a clearer story.

And NO – you are absolutely not too late to the game! :-)

You guys are asking some GREAT questions. Focusing on these things will get you so far on your channel and in your business.

Thanks for reading! Have a great rest of your week.

Keep changing lives,


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