Changing Lives? Enter for a FREE Channel Review!

Why this matters

YouTube is perhaps the most dynamic platform for spreading a message that changes lives. Every view and every subscriber represents an actual, real person. Those people are giving you an opportunity to speak into their lives. What are you doing with that opportunity? What difference are your videos making in the world? The Video Creators community wants to hear that story!

Submit your stories, then we will all vote on a few of them.

I will give the winning channel:

  • A free 1 hour YouTube channel review.
  • Exposure to the Video Creators community to help promote what you’re doing.

How to enter

Step One: Create a a 60-90 second video. Tell us:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your channel is all about?
  • What message are you spreading through your channel? (Tip: If possible, actually show us by using b-roll and other clips, don’t just tell us.)
  • Why does that message matter?
  • Share any stories that viewers have shared with you about the difference your channel has made in their life.

Step Two: Upload that vide to your YouTube channel as an unlisted video.

Step Three: Submit the form below with your info and video. The deadline is Monday, April 27, at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

Step Four: I’ll pick 2 videos and turn them back to the Video Creators community to vote on. They’ll pick the message and creator who gets the channel review and promotion.

I’ll mostly likely announce the voting with an email to the Video Creators Insiders community. That will be next month (May, 2015), so if you’re not yet subscribed to the Video Creators email list as an Insider, make sure you do that so you can vote at the appropriate time.

Submission form

The submission period has ended. Sorry!