How To Create and Evaluate a Successful YouTube Framework [Ep. #53]

When growing a YouTube channel, it’s easy to get caught in all the technical weeds of the different options and features that YouTube provides. While leveraging those features are important for growing a channel, it might be even more important to have a foundational understanding of how audience development works on the site and how to approach your content creation in the first place.

In this episode I share a recording of a presentation I gave at an event about how to think about YouTube in a way that will set your content up for success. It’s a big picture overview on not just what to do on YouTube, but how to think on YouTube. What you do with the information presented here will impact a lot of how you actually create, evaluate, and execute your YouTube growth strategy.


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The Secret to Building your YouTube Audience

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  1. Stephanie February 8, 2017 at 11:07 am - Reply

    This was great! I loved hearing your backstory and how you evolved on YouTube. You had great advice for the group. My takeaway…I’m updating my thumbnails so they each have the same visual element. I like your idea that they eye is drawn to patterns and similarity.

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