Ever feel completely perplexed why a seemingly terrible YouTube channel has millions of passionate fans? From the outside all you see are shaky, poor quality videos of content that seem to be mostly pointless. Obviously, there’s much more happening behind-the-scenes that’s not clearly apparent at first.

What most struggling creators and marketers don’t realize is that there are certain elements every YouTube channel must possess in order to make it easy for a viewer to love their content and become a loyal fan. These elements actually have very little to do with things like video production quality, optimized titles, and even energetic personalities. Instead, they revolve around the way the creator’s brand tells its story through video.

Thankfully, once you understand what these elements are, they’re relatively simple to incorporate into your videos. When you do so, you’ll see new viewers turn into loyal fans much more quickly, causing your channel to grow and reach the people you intend to reach.

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