How I Evaluate YouTube Growth and Set 2018 Goals [Ep. #99]

It’s time to evaluate last year’s YouTube channel performance and set some goals for 2018. Here’s the process I use and how I reached the goals I have. It includes evaluating your YouTube channel’s overall performance by comparing the previous two years and looking at the things that changed and didn’t change from a high level perspective.

Once you write down your observations, you can use that info to create some takeaways, which you then use to set goals for improving in the next year.

Hopefully running through this process with you on my channel will help you evaluate your own channel and set your own YouTube goals for next year.

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  1. James Allsopp January 23, 2018 at 8:07 pm - Reply

    My goal for YouTube this year is simple… I just need to finally get it started! I’ve been playing with the idea forever, but keep putting it off. The idea of getting on camera is a little daunting, I must admit.

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