How’s it going? It was a big day at the Schmoyer home over here. My wife and I got some matching Carheartt overalls as we’re getting more into the homesteading lifestyle.

It’s funny to be known as the “YouTube guy” online, but offline my life looks a little different. It’s been a fun journey to start with Dana, my wife and co-founder of Video Creators, and we always look forward to learning more from our favorite homesteading YouTubers!

Speaking of YouTube, the other day Lennon, D’Laina, and myself were all in a Live Q&A call and were asked… “So, what are some examples of changes you can make for the fastest growth with the biggest impact?”

We went through some examples on the call, but thought we’d share those with you as well! Here are the two biggest changes we’d recommend making for the highest impact growth and real channel examples of clients we’ve worked with who have achieved crazy cool results.

1. Connect what is KNOWN to what is unknown. As a creator, you are technically “unknown”. You’re likely not a massive celebrity, or known well for something, so you need something “known” to connect to you, your brand, or your content. For example, a client of ours, , wanted to take his channel to the next level. He came to us with 250K subscribers and our team had him focus on this strategy. As a plastic surgeon, he started reacting to work celebrities (known) have gotten done to their faces, popular TV series Botched (a known series), etc. In 5 months, he grew to 1 million subscribers (and is now at 2M+) because he implemented this strategy. And now, Anthony IS known!

2. Tell a good story. Your viewer has a million things vying for their attention every day. If you want to capture their attention so they stay on your video, PLEASE do not start your videos with “Hi! I’m ____. Welcome back to my channel.” This might work (for a time) for creators who have a dedicated audience already, but when you’re trying establish yourself on YouTube, you’ve got to set yourself apart. That includes telling a good story, creating interesting hooks, teasing a story with your title and thumbnail, and presenting information in a unique way. Think of your favorite teacher. They made the information you learned FUN and interesting. That’s what we need to do as creators for our viewers. Start listening above at 26:00 for some client examples of how we do this.

Which of these changes do you feel like you need to make on your own channel? Or maybe you need to tweak?

We love to hear from you, so let us know!

Thanks for reading.

Keep changing lives,