You know how we’ve been asking you to send us voice messages at the end of every email?? THIS IS WHY! We are finally answering your burning questions! (- and even getting into a debate or two along the way.) We always want to bring you the most practical information and what’s more practical than answering you the questions you ask? So let’s get answering!

“What’s more Important: Your Title or Your Thumbnail?”

D’laina and Ingrid both believe that the thumbnail is the most important thing. The thumbnail is the first thing a viewer notices before reading anything. It’s what pulls them in and makes them stop and read the title. The thumbnail gets a viewer to stop. The title gets them to click.

HOWEVER, if you have a thumbnail that stops the scroll but the title is lame, a viewer is going to just keep scrolling again. If you only have one and not the other, it’s not going to work. You can’t separate their importance. They BOTH have to be good. Think of them together, as one unit.

So which should you create first?

D’laina suggests that you create them in order of how the viewer interacts with it. So create the thumbnail to bring intrigue. Then, create a title to draw your viewer in more. Then, create your hook and content, etc. This method will also help you from getting stuck while creating.

“If I start a podcast, should I start a separate channel or just post them on my YouTube channel?”

There are a lot of moves that YouTube is making that indicates that sometime soon, YouTube will be making YouTube shorts, long-term content, and podcasts to be able to all live happily on YouTube. At Social Media Marketing World, we learned that over 50% of people listen to their podcasts from YouTube! So because of all of this, we highly recommend posting your podcast onto your YouTube page.

But does it affect analytics?

It’s really up to how you approach your content. You will be building slightly different audiences from your podcast videos than from your regular videos, even if it’s within your niche. Some will be more drawn to the podcasts and others will be drawn more to your original content and that’s ok. So test it out! Upload 8-10 podcasts according to your normal posting schedule, check your analytics and see what happens!

Just know that these videos will be “community videos.” That means that they won’t be “discoverable videos” that are intended to draw in new people. They also won’t draw in a ton of sales. But it’s going to draw your established community in deeper which isn’t a bad thing, even if less people view it. If one video does poorly, it is not going to affect your next video. YouTube will not “hold back” views for your next video if one performs poorly. – That’s a myth.

“Should I delete an old video that has great views, but it’s not what I’m doing now?”

D’laina would ask, is it grabbing your target audience? If it’s the same target audience, great! Who cares if it’s not the same feel as your present content? It’s still bringing in the right people.

If it’s not, what’s the point of keeping it? The people it is drawing in aren’t going to subscribe or watch your next videos/increase your watch time, etc. If YouTube starts surfacing your more recent content to them and they aren’t watching, then it might send a negative signal.

But I believe every video is evaluated differently. Because of this, it isn’t helping you grow your channel, but and you might get some adsense for it at least! Why not, keep it up?

So all of this to say, umm we don’t agree on this one. You do you and tell us if you see a difference. (Help us settle this debate.)

Creator Spotlight

Mariah and Daniel have a about feeding animals a raw diet. They’ve been doing this for 2 years. They are at 40K Subs and are full-time on YouTube. Their advice is to BE CONSISTENT! Find a consistent message and post consistent videos. Be engaging and share your passion. -Whatever that may be.

Power Tip

This is our first Power Tip submitted via voice message! Chris Baird sent us this tip of something he does on , which has been a huge benefit to him and might benefit you too.

is a question and answer site for people of all all interests. He started out using this site just to generate ideas. But then, he discovered that he could answer questions on the site and send them back to his youtube channel by giving a simple answer and then saying, “I answer this in more detail on my YouTube channel. Check out my profile if you want to learn more.” Since he didn’t give a link in his answer, he isn’t blocked by the site, but people will go to his profile and click right onto his channel. This strategy has helped him grow his subsribers and helped him know exactly how to connect with his target audience.

Want to submit your own question? for us and we may use it in an upcoming podcast episode. Until then…

Keep changing lives!

Tim Schmoyer