Recently, we’ve had a lot of creators asking more and more about how to make a profitable business out of the content they’re creating.

Maybe you started creating videos on YouTube because you were very passionate about the subject, but it’s getting difficult to keep up with the demand of creating more videos without more income coming in.

In today’s podcast, my team and I are going to share how to capture value from your audience so that you can create full-time and build your own business doing what you love.

Here are the first things we’d do to get started.

1. Know your target audience and their problem. A business exists to solve someone’s problems. In order to solve someone’s problem, you need to know what it is – not the age, gender, or other demographic info about your target audience. You need to know what their pain points are, what keeps them up at night, what they want, and why they want it. This is the biggest thing you’ll need to start a successful business. Take time to sit and really reflect on this, write things down, survey your existing audience, and figure out what problem they are dealing with that you can solve.

2. Create a reproducible solution. People won’t pay you just to know what their problem is. They pay you to relieve them of their problem. Even if the problem is simply boredom – if your videos are entertaining to your viewer – you solved their problem! You need to find a way to do this more than once, though, if you want to make a business out of this.

This may not seem “sexy”, but no brand or business is above figuring these things out and doing them well.

This is the same thing we’ve worked through with brands like Disney, HBO, Warner Brothers, and more.

They can all tell you exactly who they’re trying to reach, what their problem is, and how they help solve that problem.

What about you?

Who are you trying to reach? Do you know what their problem is? Do you know what value your videos add to them?

Hit ‘reply’ and let us know! We love hearing about how you’re changing lives by solving people’s problems and building communities during difficult times.

If you still aren’t sure and feel stuck, . We’ll help you turn your views into income, so you can ditch the 9 to 5 and do what you really love to do on your channel. We’d love to help!

Thanks for reading!