How to get discovered on YouTube in 2017 [Ep. #83]

After working with hundreds of YouTube creators over the past 10 years to successfully grow their YouTube channels, I took the basics of how to get discovered on YouTube and put it into this 45 minute presentation at a YouTube event called CVX Live. In it I discuss how to get more YouTube views, how to get more subscribers, and how to start getting exposure for your channel so people find your videos and engage with your content. It’s all about how to start growing a YouTube channel when you’re very small so people can find you in search and related videos.


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  1. Lisa October 13, 2017 at 6:46 am - Reply

    Thank you Tim for another excellent training on YouTube. I enjoyed learning about the importance of having a value proposition to draw an audience to a YouTube channel. Videos are so much more than just the optimization we add to videos. Without valuable content that an audience is interested in watching, the optimization doesn’t help much.
    Thanks again – I always learn so much from your videos!

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