I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend with your family. I took the week off from work and we took the kids to my father-in-law’s farm.

We all had a blast and it was great to get away from screens and get some quality family time in.

As we’re continuing to approach the end of the year here and you find yourself having some down time, you may be getting ready to create your 2020 goals for your YouTube Channel (if you haven’t already).

One of the questions you’re probably asking yourself is… “How do I get viewers to care about my videos?”

​That’s what I want to share with you in today’s video.

I know how hard you work to create your video idea, plan it out, shoot it, edit it, and finally upload/perform any last minute tweaks you need to on it… all for it to not get the results you were hoping for.

So, let’s talk about how to work smarter and not harder–or as my producer, Trena, says… how to do less, better.

  1. Figure out who your videos are for. If you don’t know who your videos are for, neither with your audience. Any sense of confusion is going to hold your channel back.
  2. Figure out what value you’re offering to your viewers. When 500 hours worth of content are being uploaded to the platform every 1 minute, why should people care about your videos? What value are you bringing to their lives with your content? Even if you’ve “figured this out”, it’s always good to re-evaluate your value proposition annually. We show you how you can re-evaluate this here.
  3. Put time into learning how to tease your stories. Titles and thumbnails are the first introductions that people will have to you and your channel. These MATTER. That means the image and any accompanying text have to create intrigue and a question in the viewers mind that makes them want to click on your video. Here’s how our friend Evan Carmichael strategized his thumbnails to get him 1M subscribers.
  4. Re-evaluate your video structure. The structure of the video is just the way the video is set up. We typically recommend offering a strong hook to keep your audience engaged throughout the video. We have some tips on how to create a strong hook for your videos here.
  5. Review your audience retention graphs. These will show you where people are dropping off in your video. Take some time to study what is happening in the video that makes people click off. See if you notice any patterns and try to change those patterns during the next video that you film.

Reviewing and making the changes on these pieces of your channel will yield results and help you to grow, so you can reach more people and change their lives!

I hope you have a great rest of the week.

We’ll talk soon.

Keep changing lives,


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