How goes day-whatever-you’re-on of quarantine? We’re having some fun talking to the kids through the air vent in our house.

It reminds me of yelling into the ones on playgrounds as a kid. Those were the best.

Before the pandemic and all of the physical distancing, I got a chance to hang out with my friend Sean Cannell at Social Marketing World. Sean is a fellow YouTube strategist who has worked with thousands of YouTube creators.

I asked him what he would tell a creator who has been at the YouTube game for a long time, feels like they’re doing all the right things, and they’re still not getting the results they want. Here’s what Sean had to say.

  1. Consider if you need to pivot or persevere. Both Sean and I spent 6-10 years creating videos on YouTube before we started to see real growth on our channels. Anything worth doing is hard work. It takes perseverance to continue to create content (and keep getting better) even when you’re not getting the results you want. On the flipside, maybe you need to pivot some of your strategies or content if people aren’t getting the value they’re looking for from your videos.
  2. Consider trying something new. Don’t keep doing the same things if they’re not working. Try new things. If you always do talking head videos, try a vlog (or vice versa). Trying new things will get you out of your comfort zone, help you become a better creator, and could lead to the thing that works or what resonates with your audience. You need to experiment to grow.
  3. Try to get feedback. Getting help from someone that’s further down the road is great for support and for avoiding making some of the same mistakes they did. You have to be open and humble enough to knowing you may have some blind spots and the problem with your content may be you/your content and not the algorithm.
  4. Always keep learning. Life long leaders are life long learners. No one has all the answers. When you are committed to continuing to learn and perservere, this is pretty much a roadmap to success. Join Facebook groups, take a course, listen to podcasts, read a book, or book a consultation with an expert. Just keep learning!
  5. Study the numbers. What gets measured gets improved. You may not be a numbers person or love to study your analytics, but YouTube is making it easier and easier to give you information about your videos. Numbers don’t lie. They can tell you how many people are watching your video, how many subscribers are coming from that video, how long viewers are staying on your video, when they’re dropping off, etc. This is VALUABLE information to use to make your videos better. .

Watch the rest of what Sean had to say above.

Hope this helps you get your channel unstuck and growing faster. Thanks for reading!

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