I’m going to tell you something that might hurt.

Putting money on a bad video (i.e. paid ads) doesn’t magically make that content perform better.

A low performing video will still be a low performing video.

(Think about it – if money and ads won on YouTube – huge corporations would be dominating because they have money for paid ads.)

YouTube’s algorithm is HIGHLY advanced and the goal of the algorithm is to keep viewers on the platform longer. So, it will put videos in front of users that it thinks they’ll want to see (based on their past viewing behaviors).

And if people are jumping off of your video within the first 2 minutes… the algorithm is way less likely to push your video out because it has actual data that is showing that viewers are not interested in that content or something is going on that’s losing them in those first couple of minutes and they don’t want to lose that viewer. So, they will push videos out with higher retention.

In other words, YouTube WANTS to surface your videos.

There is no conspiracy.

YouTube isn’t “out” for the little guy.

And exposure isn’t the issue.

You actually just need to make better content and/or you need a better strategy.

Most creators don’t want to hear that… but that’s the truth.

We have several , and on how to make better content and create a better strategy for your channel.

So, I won’t get into that right now, but know that it’s very doable and when you start putting your focus there and you’re willing to be humble and do the work, you WILL see the results!

Paid ads aren’t all bad either. There’s a time and a place for them. We just see that they’re usually more useful when you are trying to get people to your website, product, or service vs. using them to grow your channel.

Then, you’ll end up with a lot of dead subs, passive viewers. (When ads are turned off, your channel snaps right back to where it was prior to paying for ads.)

Hope this helps! I say all of this not with the intent to upset anyone, but to actually help you stop focusing on the wrong things so you can work smarter, not harder, and start growing on YouTube.

Thanks for reading!

Keep changing lives,