Let me show you exactly how I make money on YouTube. I earn enough money to support my family and a small team of other people through this channel and I’ll give you a break-down of where the money comes from, including Adsense, how I earn it, and how you can make money to earn a full time income on YouTube, too.

Now a few weeks ago, we talked about how to go full time on YouTube. How to create and generate a full-time income around the audience that surrounds your channel. And there’s a lot of really good comments. This is a direct response of some of the things you guys were asking and saying in the comments in that video.


For example, one scenario that most of us are familiar with here in the case of AdSense is that the viewer pays the advertiser who is putting their promotional material against your content. That advertiser then gives some of that money to YouTube and then YouTube then takes a cut and they give some of it to you. So in that case, your viewers’ money has passed through two people’s hands at least. You could have an mcn in there, or other people, the copyright holders, could be multiple, even more hands, but at least two hands have been on that money and split it before it gets to you. And so typically, you’ll get maybe like $1 or $2 for every 1,000 views. Very roughly, but somewhere around there.

But the way that I prefer to do it, if the viewers are going to pay for this anyway, I like to just have them pay me directly in some ways. And not just like “hey, give me money”, but you are watching my content to get a specific value and I want to find ways of delivering more of that value to you in ways that serve you really well and also serve me really well so I can continue to provide this for you.

Sell Directly to Your Audience

I just sell things directly to my audience– like e-books, and training courses and materials and consultations and I work with brands and I sell my services in a lot of different ways where I just use this platform to grow an audience and then I sell things to them. Either way, to go full time on YouTube, it starts with money coming from your viewers and either passing directly to you or passing through several other people’s pockets before it gets to you.

Consulting Services

Consulting– that’s when I’m working with people like you guys. Creators helping you grow your channels one on one. Sponsorships are in there, Patreon affiliates, those are all a part of my income as well. There’s a few other things I could throw in there, too. Speaking gigs, I do those occasionally and licensing deals for my content, things like that. But by and large that’s where the bulk of my income comes from.

Now, yes you can make a significant income just off of AdSense alone. I have several friends that are getting 60, 80, over 100 million views a month and they are doing quite well just on AdSense, and you can do that, too. But also don’t forget that there are other ways that you can sell products and services directly to your audience in ways that deliver tremendous value to them that you really want to provide and they really want to consume.

If that’s something you want to dig into to learn more about, there is a link to a YouTube playlist in the description of this video. You can go check it out, and it’ll just give you a whole bunch of other videos you can really dive into to help you learn more about how to develop the business side of your YouTube channel. I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments below.

What does your revenue breakdown look like around your channel?

If this is something you’re working through right now, read the comments other people are leaving down there. You will learn a ton from them as I always do.



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“The Secret to Building your YouTube Audience”