We see you.

You’ve spent months, maybe years trying to grow your channel.

You’re SO passionate about what you do and you give all of your free time to your channel and you’re starting to wonder if it’s time to quit. All of the time and energy you’re putting into your channel isn’t profitable and you don’t know if it’s worth it anymore.

I work with people just like you every day.

And I can tell you…

It’s definitely WORTH it!

You’re probably just missing this piece.

You might think you have this down already… but you don’t.

Today, I’m bringing my friend Liron (from VidIQ) on to our podcast to chat with you about HOW to overcome this block and finally reach the audience you’ve been trying to!

It all starts with knowing exactly who you are creating videos for.

Before you roll your eyes and think that you’ve heard this before, I PROMISE you, when you hit this on the head, you WILL see the results on your channel.

If you make your videos for 18-25 year old male gamers, you’re not being specific enough.

If you make your videos for 50 year old women to improve their lifestyle, you’re not being specific enough.

If you make your videos for women in the US who you want to help lose weight and change their lives…

You. Are. Not. Being. Specific. Enough. 👏🏼

Figuring out your “avatar” or ideal person you’re creating videos for should be a LONG and ongoing process. You should know this person’s name, have a picture of them (you can grab a picture from Unsplash of who you picture your viewer to be), know their wants, their desires, what they do for fun, how they spend their time, what they hate, and what car they drive.

You should know this person SO intimately that almost every video you create for them feels like it was made just for them.

“But Tim, how the heck do I get to know this person? How do I come up with this avatar?”

There are a few different ways you can do this:

  1. Read comments. If you already have a channel, read through your comments. If someone is taking time out of their day to ask you a question or comment on your video, pay attention! What do they want to see more of? What kind of things are they interested in?
  2. Drop a quick survey. We do this occasionally here at Video Creators. If you want to know straight from the horse’s mouth what your audience is thinking… ask them! Make it quick – no longer than 2-3 minutes!
  3. Think about what YOU are really passionate about. You don’t want to grow talking about or creating videos that you don’t care about. Part of your channel strategy needs to take into account that you actually love what you do because that will shine through in your videos.

Liron and I also getting REALLY specific in this podcast episode on exactly how you can create this person and how specific you need to be when creating your target audience.

Listen above.

Hope this helps! Thanks for reading.

Keep changing lives,


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