My wife and I had a few families staying with us for a few days to go to a family retreat together. We spent the weekend learning how to better grow a “family team.”

I made a lot of mistakes as a dad that was holding our family back, so it was good to identify some of those things and start working through them for our family.

The same thing happens on our YouTube channels. There’s mistakes we make that we can’t easily identify without an outside perspective.

Are you feeling stuck with growthing your channel?

We’ve worked with creators from all over the spectrum and we’ve helped them make shifts in their channel to help them continue to spread their message to reach more people.

We’ve noticed some common mistakes people have made on the platform that keep them from growing and wanted to see if some other friends of ours are making the same ones.

Click here to watch them share the mistakes they made that held back their channel’s growth.

Here are some common mistakes we heard:

  1. Starting a channel too late. Nearly every creator we spoke to had been thinking about starting their YouTube Channel a long time before they actually hit ‘publish’. Their advice… don’t wait to start! Just do it!
  2. Not being consistent. If you know YouTube is where you want to be, you’ve got to be consistent. That doesn’t mean you need to post a video everyday, there just has to be a consistent schedule, so your viewers know when to expect your content.
  3. Not choosing a niche. Having a focused channel would’ve brought the right people to these creator’s channel much faster.
  4. Not “capturing” the viewer. There are so many people that will watch your videos that you have no way of contacting unless you can get their contact information. One creator said they wish they had encouraged this sooner.
  5. Caring about the numbers. It’s easy to care about vanity metrics. More numbers means more opportunities. However, that will come. Our creator friends encourage fellow creators to enjoy the journey and not worry so much about the numbers.
  6. Thinking quantity matters more than quality. There’s a misconception that the more you post, the more YouTube will reward you…. but no one wants to watch bad content. Taking the time to create quality content wins over getting a video out every single day.
  7. Caring too much about the algorithm. YouTube doesn’t care about your SEO. The algorithm is designed to think like a human. Make content for people, not for robots.
  8. Using the keyword tag box. Almost every creator we spoke to said keyword tags make 0% of a difference. You can throw some keywords in there if you want, just don’t focus much of your time on this.
  9. Thinking mistakes are not okay. Everyone is going to make mistakes. No one is going to have this YouTube thing in the bag their first time. If you are getting even just 1% better with each video, one day you’ll be 100% better! Just keep going.

What mistake have you made and what advice would you give to your past self if you were just starting a channel?

Let us know!

Keep changing lives,


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