Today, we are talking about how to beat struggles that inevitably come with being a creator.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with everything that comes with being a video creator and building your brand and business online?

We’ve all been there!

Here are some things the biggest YouTube and business experts have struggled with. Let us know if any of these sound familiar.

  1. Being afraid of haters. No one likes when people are mean to them, but if everyone let this stop them, there would be no creators out there! Most people “hating” online are having a bad day and are taking it out on you. Phase out the negativity and focus on the lives you are CHANGING with your content. Keep going.
  2. Being afraid to go for it! We all want to have good camera equipment, great lighting, and to be perfect in front of the camera. But the reality is that NO one starts there. Everyone starts with little to no experience. You’ve just got to hit record and get started.
  3. Having ‘Imposter Syndrome’. Imposter Syndrome is exactly what it sounds like. Creators feel like they are too young, too old, not knowledgeable enough, or (fill in the blank) enough. Stop comparing yourself to other creators and compete with yourself! Remember, comparison is the thief of joy.
  4. Not setting the right priorities. It’s easy to let work become everything. Our friend Roberto Blake shares how he had to prioritize work, personal life, and build a team so he could delegate work to other people as his business grew.
  5. Being disappointed with the numbers. It’s easy to see views and subscribers as numbers, but think about the impact you could have on 100 people by sharing your message or your story! There is no “magic number” that will satisify your view or subscriber count. Think about the people, not the numbers.

What struggles have you had as a creator? How have you overcome them?

We’d love to hear from you!

Keep changing lives,


P.S. No one should struggle alone. If you need help with your YouTube struggles, we’re here to help you. Schedule a 1-hour consultation with us or hit reply and let us know what we can do to help.

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