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Collecting email addresses from your YouTube subscribers and viewers is an important way to owning your audience rather than keeping it all on YouTube’s platform. It allows you to contact them outside of YouTube so you can provide other types of valuable information to them that you can’t provide in videos. In this video, we’ll show you how to get viewers to give you their email address so you can grow your email list using YouTube.

What are the benefits of getting email addresses as a YouTube creator?

Well, obviously, because we can’t control these platforms that we’re using. These platforms are like someone else’s cocktail party that we’re attending. We’re building our little friendship circles and having a good time, but if we really want people to stay committed to us in the long run, you have to have a direct line to them. You have to have their contact information. The best way to do that these days is e-mail and even mobile marketing as well. If you can get contact information, those are really great ways but e-mail is something that’s been around for a long time and it’s still extremely effective.

I use my e-mail list with you guys to send you content that doesn’t really work as well in a video here at Video Creators or to send you updates about other announcements or things that are happening or the just content I think really helps you guys that I wouldn’t normally publish here.

So if you’re interested, you can sign up down there below and you get a free e-book called The Secret to Building Your YouTube Audience as a result of that. So these guys, they know OK, I want to build my audience on the e-mail lists and there’s plenty of platforms you can use to do that.

How to get email addresses from Youtube Subscribers:

  1. Use the tools that are built into YouTube that are the most custom to the experience for the viewer. Because the one thing about YouTube viewers is that they really liking hanging out here on this amazing platform and all the tools here that are helping the creators are also helping you. So things like the description section, as mundane as that sounds is a very, very useful area.
  2. Also, annotations are incredible because it’s this interactive call to action instead of just a “hopefully you find it in the description”. A lot of people have too many calls to action and it becomes confusing. But try to stay really focused and use things like an interactive card that’s going to pop out. Ideally, that’s going to take you to another place where you can sign up. Then, using your email marketing and your landing pages to tell people “thank you so much for signing up”.
  3. I only have one call to action. It’s always the same. It’s sign up for my email list, get my free ebook The Secret to Building Your YouTube Audience. Once people take me up on that offer and leave my videos once, there’s never ever a reason why they ever need to leave another video again.Not everybody checks their YouTube subscription feed every day, but everybody usually– almost everybody, I don’t know who wouldn’t– checks their e-mail multiple times a day.So after someone signs up for the email list, how do you then cultivate a good relationship with someone? What are some tips and advice that you have for using the email to actually further the relationship rather than like ha-ha, I got your email address and I’m going to spam you now?

2 Tips for building relationships over e-mail:

  1. You have to understand that they have joined because they not only want the resource but they want to get to know you better. And one of the major things that most people forget is how important sending regular emails is to that. This doesn’t even mean sitting down writing the email and sending it out every time. You can actually do that once with what’s called a couple of auto responders which go out based on how long someone’s been on your list.Let’s say that they signed up yesterday and got the resource. If you have an autoresponder that goes out on day 2, it’s probably a guide to Video Creators. And then, it’s an email that literally links to every single way they can connect with you or understand you or get to know you better. Here’s a resources page. Here’s where all my tech is. Email number one is as soon as they sign up, follow up with an email automatically that says hey, welcome, here’s other places you can connect with me.
  2. Don’t just try to do it to get more views on your videos. Don’t use it just to extract more value, but use it to give more value in ways that you can’t do normally on YouTube.

I would love to hear from you guys in the comments below about what ideas and thoughts you have for using email lists to connect with your YouTube audience. What advice would you give to others? What have you learned? I’m looking forward to learning from you guys and seeing all your comments down there below.

And the rest of you guys, if there’s something you’re thinking about, you can certainly learn a lot from the people and the community here at Video Creators as I do every week. These guys are awesome.


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