As a creator or business who is trying to grow their following or reach online, but make content creation a sustainable thing, it’s hard to know how much information you need to give away for FREE and when to make other content, products, or services paid.

You might feel like if you give everything away for free… what will be left for your customers or audience to buy?

After many years of working in business and with other YouTube creators, here’s what we’ve learned.

There really isn’t a “stopping point” or ANY advice that you should hold off on giving away for free.

In fact, we see time and time again that when you give away your best content for free, your audience knows, likes, and trusts you so much, that they’re more than willing to pay you for your products and services. (And often will buy things they don’t even need just to support you!)

I’ve released so many different free products over the years (as someone who wants to serve people regardless of their financial status)… and the funny thing is, the free content ALWAYS underperformed paid content!

There’s this perception that free advice is not as valuable as paid advice.

Think about it.

You know that to be healthy, you need to eat right and exercise.

But it’s not until you’ve paid for a gym membership that you feel an obligation to do it.

You know you want to learn more.

But it’s not until you’ve paid for college classes that you’ll show up to lectures or read books.

(Or go through a course you’ve purchased.)

You have more incentive to do the work or follow the advice of a product or service you’ve paid for vs. free content (even if the information is the same).

Of course, you’re also paying for guidance, support, etc. when you’re paying for a coach, strategist, product, or service (which makes all the difference to get an expert helping you in a certain area), but the information is usually the same.

You’re buying a process and/or RESULTS vs. just information.

WHAT results will your audience get by paying to work with you? (if they do the work)

When you give away your information for free, your client also comes to you having a good amount of knowledge of what you’re about as well and it makes your time working together much more fruitful and results driven.

Have you seen this in your own channel or business?

If not, I hope this gives you the freedom to share more in your free content to keep your customers and audience coming back for more of your stuff!

Keep changing lives,