If you’re a YouTuber who wants to start working with brands on your channel in order to make more money, then this video will show you how to get started with that kind of revenue stream. Brendan Gahan shares 3 elements that make up a good brand deal as well as some advice for making it is a success for you, the brand, and your audience. Follow his advice to start making more money on YouTube.

Today, we want to talk with you guys about how to know when your YouTube channel is ready for brand deals. And when you can start working with companies who want to pay you to talk about their products and services in your video.

So, Adam, there are a lot of people that want to make money this way, but what are some of the things they should start looking for first in the channel to know like, hey, now it’s ready for– like I’m ready to breach out and start working with these brands or that company or whatever.

Yeah, absolutely. So, super tough question, and something that we get a ton. Because, to be honest, there’s no perfect answer for this. It does kind of vary channel by channel and situation by situation.

When You Have an Engaged Audience

But, I guess the short answer is when you have an engaged community that already is coming to you and trusts you about the information that you are already talking about. So obviously the smaller channels, you know, around 1,000 subscribers and such, we have seen them get brand deals. But it’s a lot more difficult than a guy that has 10,000 or 100,000.

But for the smaller guys that are curious– and we get this a lot– the guys that I see landing the brand deals at that size really have like a very specific niche or category that they’re really focused on that they own more than anyone else. And then they also have a higher than average view count.

So if you do have– I’ve gotten emails from people where it’s like, hey, Adam, I have 2,000 subscribers. I’m not getting any brand deals. They’re only getting 50 views per video. And unfortunately, as much as we try and push brands to hire smaller YouTubers, you got to be pushing at least, on average, I would say, 2,000 to 3,000 views per video.

Per video over the course of like 30 days or what’s the–

Yeah, I would say 30 days is a pretty good length of time before you can get somebody to pay you money.

Have Actual Viewers

Right. A lot of the YouTubers look at the subscriber count, like the more subscribers I get, then the more money I get. But advertisers actually care about eyeballs, right? They’re like, how many people will actually see this? So it sounds like the more targeted your audience is and specific and niche and narrow and all those types of words, the more valuable the audience becomes.

Because it’s the advertiser knows exactly who they’re talking to and who they’re getting their message in front of. So you could probably start with a brand deal a little bit earlier if you have a really hyper-targeted niche you said. And then on average, if you have a broad–you’re just doing gaming, just doing beauty, just doing vlogging– whatever the case may be, at that point, you’re probably looking around a couple thousand views on average per video.

I think so. I think that’s–

Anything else?

Don’t Get Frustrated or Discouraged

–pretty fair. The other thing I wanted to say is just don’t get discouraged or frustrated. I know we see that, once in awhile, in Famebit where smaller YouTubers send a bunch of proposals and they don’t hear back. And I completely understand that that’s frustrating.

But at that level, look at this as an educational experience. Look at this as a time to refine your pitch and find the sponsorships that you think that you would really work well with. And look at it as a learning experience, and don’t get discouraged.

It’s going to happen for you. And spend more of that time– instead of being discouraged– working on your channel and figuring out how to get more subscribers so that you can get those brand deals.

What is Famebit?

Yeah, Awesome, cool. And if their channel is ready to start getting brand deals and they’re are like, hey, all that stuff you’re talking about, that’s me. Guys, Famebit is a sponsor here at Video Creators, and they’ve got a great platform. Can you tell us real quick about how to use it and what Famebit is?

Yeah, absolutely. So we are a self-service marketplace connecting brands with YouTubers. So basically, in a nutshell, if you’re a YouTuber with over 1,000 subscribers, you can sign up. And we have a huge list of a bunch of different sponsorship opportunities from brands that are doing beauty and fashion, to tech and gaming.

And if you see something that kind of matches your channel, you send them a proposal. And once the brand sees that proposal, they can accept you. A workroom opens up where you guys can talk. You get the video details. They send you product, so on and so forth. And then the other cool thing that we do is we hold the funds in escrow from the brand. So payment, I know, is super important to YouTubers.

Yeah. We would like to get paid.

Yeah, you know, payment, I understand. We all want to get paid. We release payment within 24 to 48 hours of the video getting approved, which is, I think, pretty great.

Cool. And how many subscribers do you need? Is this open to anybody to get in and start doing this?

No, you need 1,000 subscribers right now to get in the door. And I know sometimes people are upset about that, but unfortunately, we have to have some sort of barrier. Because brands just aren’t accepting under that level right now.

Yeah, and it’s motivation for anyone who’s under the 1,000 to like get to 1,000. And then once you get to 1,000 though, in order to really make it, you need to have a really narrow-targeted niche.


So I hope you guys, maybe, start thinking along those lines. I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments below about when– if you’ve done brand deals– when did you get started with them? And what kind of advice and tips do you have for anyone who’s thinking about getting involved in this? What should they be looking for in their channel? If that’s you, definitely read all the great advice and ideas and tips that people are leaving down there in the comments below.