We know how much of a struggle it can be to get new viewers to your channel.

We know how passionate you are about spreading your message to the people that need it.

That’s why we are incorporating more reviews on the Video Creators channel. (If you want your channel reviewed, you can become a channel member to be entered in the queue.)

This week, we took a look at the channel “Construction Kronies” to share some ways we think they can reach new first-time viewers. Click to check it out!

Some basic things we noticed:

  1. Take time to design good thumbnails. These matter. They’re the first thing viewers notice and can compel or discourage viewers from watching.
  2. Why should viewers subscribe to you? Be upfront about the value you provide. Construction Kronies did a great job making this clear on his ‘about’ page!
  3. Play with your titles. You want your titles and thumbnails to complement each other. Don’t have the be the exact same thing. They should each “tease” the story to entice the viewer to want to watch – while also keeping it clear what the video is about.

Did you spot some areas of improvement in your own channel by watching this review? Let us know! And keep changing lives!


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