Are you feeling unfulfilled in the content that you’re making?

Do you feel a tension between wanting to create videos that YOU want to make, but you know it may not get as many views or perform as well as your content that usually does?

This feeling is 100% normal and actually a good thing when it comes to growing on YouTube. In this podcast episode, Lennon and D’Laina share how you can make videos you love to create that also perform. 

  1. Take the pressure off. Not every video you release will be a hit. Even with the “greats” on YouTube, musicians, filmmakers, etc. We’re not entitled to any sort of success, so the sooner we can take responsibility for our content instead of blaming the algorithm or the mysterious powers that be, the sooner we can shift our strategy to create content that iS successful. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your content. It won’t ruin your whole channel if one video doesn’t perform well.
  2. Have a CLEAR vision on what success looks like for you. Most clients we work with initially come in wanting more views, subscribers, and revenue. Those are all fine things to want, but if you don’t have a vision of what success REALLY comes down to, you’re going to be running towards an invisible finish line for the duration of your time on YouTube. If you want 1 million subscribers…. why? What will that give you? Is it community? Recognition? What? Can you achieve those things before you actually hit 1 million subscribers? Taking some time to really reflect on this will be helpful for your strategy moving forward.
  3. Follow the bread crumbs. If something is not working for you right now, that’s okay. Give yourself the freedom to try new things. What are your interests? What do you feel pulled to? Don’t think about if it’s “right” or what will happen… just go with it. Follow those bread crumbs. You never know what you’ll create as a result of this!
  4. Turn off social media for a while. Once we get into a creator mindset, it’s hard to consume content without constantly comparing our content to someone else’s. If social media is your livelihood, then definitely keep posting and doing what you need to do. But it’s healthy every so often to just take a mental break from consuming the content. Often, we return refreshed and can come to the table with new ideas for our channel.
  5. Revisit why you’re creating in the first place. Not just for your audience, but for yourselves. If you can’t stand creating on YouTube, this is not sustainable. If you’re feeling off or like something isn’t right and a break isn’t helping, it’s worth taking some time to reflect on why you started in this in the first place and HOW you can make this something that excites you again.

Do one of these resonate with you? Is it time for a change, experimenting, or a break?

This YouTube thing is a marathon, not a sprint.

It’s okay to have these moments – or growing pains. We like to think it makes us better as creators. :)

Thanks for reading!

Keep changing lives,