People will only watch your video if it’s interesting and valuable to them, but how do you make a video be more interesting so it gets more views on YouTube? Amy shares some of her tips and ideas for helping you make interesting videos that people will want to watch, getting you more watch time, and helping your videos rank better overall. I hope this advice helps you grow your channel!

One of you guys commented and asked this. “How to make my videos more interesting?”

Good question. You know what, I think the biggest thing that if you look at my channel over the last year, I’ve definitely tried some new things and experimented. The reason it’s so obvious is I’m doing that because I am going into my audience’s shoes and really thinking about who they are and what’s going on in their head. So I think as you’re continuing to stay in the lane of what you do best, and why is my channel successful, and how can I keep doing that really, really well, there’s also this element of what do they not see coming that you can start incorporating, that will really kind of blow their mind. I think one of the biggest things I’m known for in that respect was I did a book review in the form of a music video. That was something that kind of threw people.

Do Something Unexpected

Absolutely. I recreated a song that everybody knew the words to, but I made my own words. And I made it about a book, and that person was really excited because I promoted their book with a music video. Everyone was like, what? Now I have to sing these different words. But it was interesting because people know I like to read and that I like to recommend good content. But for me to sing a recommendation was kind of like, whoa. Something unexpected. People don’t expect that. It really triggers a lot of sharing.

We talk a lot about audience retention and minutes watched and how important that is. And especially if you’re feeling like a video is going to be very, I guess I like to call it the listicle, right? There’s a lot of things to run through, like the five tips or whatever. If it’s one of those kinds of things, how can you really keep their attention throughout? What is it that can grab their attention? Maybe it’s a secret message in your video where they have to pause and go like, I feel like I just saw something on the screen. What was that?

Mister Guitar Man does that all the time. It’s like one frame. You’re like, oh, what was it?

You’ve got to remember it’s YouTube. It’s a fun place to be. You have to keep it interesting. And that doesn’t always mean recreating the wheel. It just means how can you change it up and do something unexpected?

Tell Better Stories

One of the things I’ve been learning to do on my family’s vlogging channel at Schmovies, link below, shameless plug, is learning how to tell better stories. And so one of the reasons why your videos might not be as interesting as you want them to be, or a way you can make them more interesting, is just to develop better skills at how you present your content in your videos, whether that’s like informational teaching type of stuff, whether like on my family’s channels, it’s more like how do we tell better stories that people love and engage. And so I’ve been learning a lot about story arcs and villains and heroes and conflicts and resolution, all those types of things, and incorporating those into our videos. And now the stories we’re telling as a family channel are becoming more interesting. And we were just talking before we started shooting, it’s seen 365% growth from the time we started taking it seriously to within one year.

But I think there’s a lot of other things which we will be talking about here, or you have contributed, I will put a link in the description below. You can go check out that video. It talks more about what we did on the channel to see that kind of growth.

I actually think that’s a really good point, because there is this level of just get started. And for those people that do, that’s the hardest part. But then continuing to get better is so important. If you ever get to a point where you’re comfortable, you know that something bad is about to happen.

I hope this has been helpful for you guys. I want to hear from you in the comments below about what tips and ideas you have that will make your content more interesting. And even you have some for me, I would love to hear your ideas, like Tim, you know what? You need to shoot when you haven’t been talking all day and your voice doesn’t sound like puberty.

Give me your advice, your suggestions, and Check out Amy’s channel and How I Grew Our YouTube Vlogs by 365% in 1 Year.