Here’s how I put systems in place to ensure I never run out of new video ideas for my YouTube channel. This helps me be more consistent with publishing new videos regularly because I don’t have to spend a lot of time coming up with new ideas to keep my videos fresh. What systems have you put in place to keep ideas flowing for your new YouTube videos?

Great question here from Esha, who asks this– “How do you never run out of ideas for your videos? Because I always do.”

I do it a few different ways, and I’m going to share with you what each of them are. But the general overarching principle is that you need to put a system in place that will automatically generate new content ideas for you. What does that look like?

Well, here on the Video Creators channel, for example, I have three things that generate ideas.

1. Comments from the Audience

Number one is comments like this from you guys. You guys are constantly always leaving questions and giving great advice and leaving tips and ideas in the comments of these videos. And I read those and I say, that’s a good one, like this one here today, and I say I’ll make a video about that. And so in one way, you guys are a system that continues to generate content ideas for me.

2. Research

A second system that I have here at Video Creators is that about once a week, I read through thousands of articles about updates and changes happening in the online video news space, and different tactics people are trying, and different results people are getting by doing different things. I study all of that, and I get tons of different content ideas from that too.

So if I read an article, I’m like, that would make a good tip video. Or I never thought about that before. And I combine them all together. And you guys have seen those videos done here before by where I talk about some of these stories and things and share them with you. And so staying up to date with what’s happening on this platform also generates a ton of ideas for me.

3. Sharing What I Learn

And number three for me is just paying attention to what I’m doing on this own channel and other channels I’m a part of. And just whatever I’m learning there, I’m like, oh, I just learned this about better titles or thumbnails, for example, I’ll share that with you guys. I’ll make a note of that. Or maybe some of the business side of the things that I’m learning about growing a business around my audience. Some of those things I’ll be like, oh, I just learned a really important lesson here. Let me make a note of that and I will bring it to you guys.

Keeping Notes with Evernote

So how do I make notes? Well, you can literally put any system in place that works for you. The way I use it as far as keeping track of these ideas is Evernote. I have a notebook just inside Evernote. And I just create new notes, or I have some that are just really long notes full of ideas. Whenever I have something, I’ll pull out my phone or I’ll stop and open my computer or whatever, and just quickly type in some thoughts. And sometimes it ends up drafting like entire videos very quickly as I have it in my head right at that moment.

I like Evernote because it makes it really easy to do that. Plus I can easily copy and paste screenshots of your comments from YouTube videos into Evernote. I can paste links and articles from other places and jot down notes, lots of things. So Evernote worked great for me, but it really doesn’t matter. Whatever system works best for you is fine.


Maybe you don’t have an informational teaching training type channel like I do here at Video Creators. And that system that I use maybe doesn’t work for you. So what I did is I talked to many other creators, and I’ll put a couple of videos down below you can go check out, asking them what your creative process for how do you generate new content ideas? And how do you stay creative on your channel? And then another one on how do you break through creators block when you just can’t think of anything creative anymore? You’re running out of ideas, what do you do?

What do you do to take that next step to spark new creativity, new ideas? A lot of those suggestions, ideas you find from those other creators will be super valuable and helpful for you, so all those are linked up in the description below.

And after you’ve checked those videos out, I want to hear from you in the comments below. How do you continually generate new content ideas for your channel? What does that system and process look like for you? And the rest of you guys, check out those comments. I know I we’ll be digging into them myself. I always learn a ton from you guys. So let’s help each other out and learn from each other down there. I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys have to say.