Since my wife and I moved, you may have noticed that the last few months worth of videos I’ve been shooting have mostly been me walking around my backyard. It hasn’t been the most “professional” set up.

Just before my team and I got together for our first-ever team retreat, I got the chance to set up my new studio at our place… and I have to say I’m pretty proud of it!

I know not everyone has the budget to set up a whole room or studio dedicated to filming their videos (I definitely haven’t always been able to), so I wanted to share some tips with you on how you can do this affordably.

  1. Choose a background. You can definitely stick to vlogging in your living or bedroom (in which case you should tidy up and maybe spruce it up with some cheap home decor), but if you have a blank wall to spare, I’d recommend adding a wall paper to it. I got mine from Amazon for $14, but a quick Google search will show other options too!
  2. Soundproof your studio. Good audio is key to building credibility and more professional videos. You can play with soundproofing your studio by using sound panels! You can also get these for a good price on Amazon.
  3. Think about visual effects. Since Video Creators is primarily an education channel, I threw up a TV to add a little something extra visually. If you’re not an education channel, you can play with adding something visually appealing to your setup that relates to your niche or showcases your personality. Maybe it’s a diffuser, a salt lamp, or placing some cool Funko Pop’s around you!
  4. Light up your space. If you’ve got big, bright open windows, natural lighting is a great (and free) source of light for your studio! If you find yourself window-less, you can experiment with different artificial lights. There are some affordable studio lights on Amazon and you can see what I’ve done with key and fill lights in my studio in the video above!

The biggest thing to remember, though, is that your skills are more important than your gear.

How well are you using the lighting, gear, and tools you already have?

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