One of our channel members at Video Creators got a chance to send us an audio question on our latest podcast. They asked:

“How do you stand out from the crowd and rank #1 on YouTube?”

Good question!

Whether you’re trying to stand out on YouTube, another social media platform, or even a job interview – the rules are the same.

  1. People need to feel like your content is for them. Who is the most ideal audience for your channel and what is their story? If you don’t know exactly who you’re going after, people won’t be able to “get” if your content is for them and worth subscribing to.
  2. Craft content that’s exactly for them. If your content is all over the place, you’re going to end up appeasing a bunch of different types of people. Why should people subscribe to your channel? What value are you providing them?
  3. Make a connection with your viewers. People will come to your content for the value and stay because they’ll fall in love with you. We recommend reading a book called ‘Primal Branding’ by Patrick Hanlon to learn more on this.

These principles are going to be your strongest ways to connect with your viewers and grow your channel.

“Ranking” your videos to be on the first few videos of a YouTube search can be great, but YouTube is looking much more at how people are engaging with the video than looking at the keywords you’re using or what you’re naming a video file.

If you want some more tips on how to increase your audience engagement so YouTube will show it to more of the people that need it, listen to the full podcast here.

I’m off to the grill! Keep changing lives!


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