In this tutorial I show you how to best write information for your YouTube channel’s “About” page in ways that will make it easier to get more subscribers. There’s a few things you need to consider when writing text for your YouTube “About” page, which we’ll teach you in this video, to help you better position your channel around YouTube.

I work with hundreds of creators, and I find that not very many of them are intentionally using in the About page on their channel. And today, I want to give you guys three quick and easy tips that you can do to improve that About page on your channel and potentially turn into a place that helps you get more subscribers. Now a lot of people just tuck it off to the side and don’t really focus on it. But let me help you guys change that so it can potentially set your channel to perform even better then it already is.

#1 – The First Few Sentences are the Most Important

And the first thing you consider about your About page are those first sentences, especially that first sentence or two. And the reason for that is because a lot of creators don’t consider that there’s actually a hover card that pops-up in several places around YouTube, most notably in the comments section and also in the suggested channels on someone else’s channel. And as you’ll notice when someone does hover over your channel with their mouse, the first few sentences that appear there are the first few sentences from your channel’s About page. So it’s really important that you craft these intentionally.

#1.1 – Call Out Your Target Audience

Identify them so someone who sees it thinks “oh, this is for me”. Because they are in your target audience, and you called them out, and you helped them identify with that.

#1.2 – Pitch Your Channels Value

What are you bringing to that person in that target audience? But you need to do it in a way that would work really well for someone who’s never heard about you before, has no idea what your two channel is. And you got to assume that whoever’s reading this has never checked you out before. Those first few sentences are also very important, because that’s what’s going to show up as the snippet text on Google and YouTube search when your channel shows up in the search results by itself.

#2 – Describe Your Channel

Set up your channel description to describe what your channel’s all about and what someone can expect if they were to subscribe to your channel. One great expectation to set from the very beginning is your posting schedule. When can people expect new content from you to come out? When should they check back for your latest new videos and just setting application overall about what your channels all about, and what they can expect as a subscriber.

#3 – Include Keywords Naturally

Use keywords that are relevant to your channel and the content that you’re creating. But don’t just list them in there like tags or spam them. Use those keywords in normal conversational English just as you’re writing out to someone, as you’d be talking to them or a real life. Just keep in mind what are those keywords that potentially apply to your channel and make sure you fit those in there somehow.

30 Days to A Better YouTube Channel

For those of you who are interested, I actually have an entire day in my e-book 30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel as devoted just to perfectly crafting the About page on your channel. And so if that’s something you want to really dig into to and learn more about as far as a step by step proven process to grow your YouTube channel, and get subscribers, and reach the goals that you have for it, check out my e-book 30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel that’s linked up in the description below. And you can learn more about it there.

And from everyone else, I would love to hear from you in the comments about what other tips, and ideas, and suggestions do you have for someone who’s really trying to optimize that About page.

What value have you seen come from it as a result of doing that for your own channel?

I’d love to hear all those stories from you guys below. And the rest of you, if you want to learn more about the About page in your channel– making it perfect– read the ideas and suggestions other creators are leaving for you in the comments below. I know you will learn a lot from them, as I always do.


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